Don’t Worry, Be Happy: 65 Little Things In Life You Should Celebrate

At times, life can be anything but bearable, but it doesn’t have to get you down. There are thousands of things in this world that worth smiling about and it might be enough to turn your frown upside down. To get you thinking in the right direction, I took the liberty of compiling a list of 65 things that can bring you joy:

1. Getting into a warm car on a cold winter morning

2. Being told that you’re appreciated

3. Being shown that you’re appreciated

4. Snuggling up on a rainy day

5. A cold beer with your favorite people

The Hills drinking drinks toast drinks with friends

6. That first snow day of the year

7. Late night talks with someone important to you

8. A warm flannel shirt

9. The feeling of a clean home

10. Giving in to the nap you’ve been needing

girl beach kid tired sleepy

11. Finding a good deal on something

12. The feeling of coming home after being away

13. The first glimpse of a new city

14. The peacefulness of snow falling on a quiet city street

15. Spending a whole day doing nothing…and not feeling bad about it

gifnews text whatever nothing period

16. Realizing in the middle of a conversation how much you appreciate someone’s existence

17. Exploring a new city

18. The perfect hug

19. The smell of new books

20. Hearing someone say they’re proud of you

asian proud asian people asian women asianwomen

21. Spending a day watching Disney movies

22. Going someplace beautiful with people you love

23. Feeling important to someone

24. Knowing that things are getting better

25. A good concert with someone special

concert fire hair thumbs up lighter

26. Waking up and feeling well rested

27. The feeling of finally letting something go

28. Having something to look forward to

29. When someone shows that they care about you

30. Being randomly complimented when you least expect it


31. Complimenting others and genuinely meaning it

32. Making someone laugh

33. Laughing so hard you can’t breathe

34. Loving someone who loves you back

35. Finding someone who is always on the same page as you

lonely island jorma taccone andy samberg high five

36. Being able to learn from your mistakes

37.Finally finishing something you started a long time ago

38. A warm bath on after a long day

39. The first sip of hot cocoa on a cold day

40. Sleeping next to someone you love

love couple cuddling sepia

41. …and when they pull you closer to them in their sleep

42. The way a dog curiously tips it’s head to the side

43. Waking up and realizing you still have more time to sleep

44. A fresh haircut

45. Going on a spontaneous trip
car road trip mrw friend trip

46. The sparkle of Christmas lights

47. The serenity of street lights hitting the road after a rainstorm

48. Road trips (alone or with others)

49. A new sweater

50. When the leaves begin to change color

fall autum falls is the best season fall is my favorite season yes so much yes

51. Seeing the progress you’ve made and being proud of yourself

52. The smell of clean laundry

53. The feeling of a warm blanket fresh out of the dryer

54. A well-deserved margarita

55. The first whiff of coffee in the morning
Geek & Sundry coffee coffee addict reaction happy

56. Being able to communicate with someone with a single look

57. Being kissed on the forehead

58. The smell of cookies baking in the oven

59. Singing in the shower

60. Quoting your favorite movies

favorite movies

61. Singing in the car

62. Knowing you have people you can rely on

63. Realizing that you’re going to be okay, even when things seem terrible

64. The little things people do to let you know you’re on their mind

65. Being hugged from behind


This list is just a starting place. Find the things that make YOU happy and make them your reminder of how wonderful life can be. Learning how to look at the bright side of life may very well be one of the best things you can do for yourself. It’s not about being annoyingly optimistic, it’s simply picking your battles with life. There’s no sense in being upset over things you can’t change, but you do have the power to change your mindset. You can imagine yourself somewhere doing one of these things or you can make it happen in real life! Find your happy place and run with it.

Featured image via Jeremy Cai on Unsplash


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