These Are All The Things She Won’t Ask For, But Needs

She was fearless in the way she walked and in the way she spoke. Her lips adorned in dark red, and her eyes hidden under the dark mascara she wore. Boys would turn to stare as she walked by, captivated by her “exoticness.” Unaware that despite her cold stares and sharp eyes, in her was a heart that struggled to beat, a heart that was soft, a heart that had walls upon walls built around it. She walked around head held high, with an air of confidence and mystique surrounding her, but only she knew what lied under the cloak she wore every day. Only she knew who she truly was.

She was a girl, with a sensitive soul. A girl who cared far more for others, than she did for herself. She was a girl that found herself falling for the wrong people, giving everything she was, only to find her heart broken into pieces, more unrecognizable than before. She was a girl who saw the good in people, and believed in second chances. She had a heart that ached for the world, internalizing it within who she was.

She was a girl that was vulnerable, but do not think that she was weak. She was bold and she was beautiful. Because in her scars lie stories of strength, and in her beauty, chaos.

And to love a girl like her, is to know a kind of love that truly knows and truly sees. She isn’t the kind of girl that wants to tell someone how to love her. She is the kind of girl that should be loved without the need for direction.

Loving her means,  

Showing her it’s okay to rely on someone.

Showing her it’s okay to need someone.

And more importantly, showing her it’s okay to want someone.

It means,

Giving her the kind of love she’s been giving away to everyone

Giving her the kind of love that she’ll never ask for, but secretly hopes will find her.

Giving her the kind of love that will leave her warm and whole, never empty.

Giving her a kind of love where your words match you action, a kind of love where she will never have to question your feelings and intentions.

In short, it means giving her honesty, kindness, and love.

Because she will never ask you for anything, but she will hope that you understand the beats of her heart, the words hidden in her dark espresso eyes, and the fears that lie cloaked under her streaming tears.

The walls around her soft heart deserve to be broken down. Because this kind of girl deserves to be loved. Her sensitive soul doesn’t need anything. Her vulnerability is her greatest strength, and love is her greatest weakness. But like all girls, she wants to be loved. She doesn’t want you to like her for now, or to love her for a while. She wants you to fall in love with her, forever.

Featured image via Ialo Hernandez on Unsplash


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