Letting Yourself Love Again After A Broken Heart

Getting over the people you have loved is easier said than done. You can read a thousand articles on how to move on and get over the pain, but the ache is still there. You start the day with a bleeding heart and you end the day with one too. Even meeting new people can’t make you open up your heart and trust again. The broken heart within yourself seems so infinite and you believe that you won’t heal for a very long time.

As time goes on, you will wonder about yourself; have I moved on? Am I ready to love again? To trust someone and make myself vulnerable again? There will be so many questions in your mind about whether your heart is ready to feel love or not. You will start to look for signs to make sure that you have healed entirely. But there is one thing that becomes the key indicator to realize that your heart is actually ready;

You don’t regret the things that made your heart broken.

You know that you are ready to love again when you remember with every  broken heart comes a lot of beauty. You acknowledge that your pain was actually a lesson for you to be a better person than before and to be careful about who you put your trust into. You are fully aware that a broken heart is not your fault. You know your broken heart is evidence that you loved wholeheartedly, and that isn’t a weakness.

You are ready to love again when you don’t hate those people who hurt you anymore. You have forgiven their lies, their broken promises, their bullshit, and their apologies. You have fully realized that they are  in your past and they gave you some life lessons. You don’t feel sad or angry anymore when you talk about them or talk with them. You have let them go and they’ve become just like any other person, with nothing more than shared memories.

You are ready to love again when you love yourself more than before. You know that self-love is the most important thing and you know that self-love is the only way for you to protect your heart. You appreciate everything that comes into your life with an open heart and you embrace all the experiences that happen every day. You are ready to love again when you see there are so many beautiful things and thousands of possibilities that can happen in your life. You are ready to love again when you love your life more than ever.

You know you’re ready to love again when you see people with depth; you don’t judge people based on superficial things, but based on how they treat others. You don’t trust people’s appearances and you know that there is more than meets the eye to everyone. You don’t get amazed easily by person’s achievements or their beauties, but you will be infatuated by their kindness. You are stunned by people who simply make you laugh and make you feel like you can talk about anything you want. Those people who make you feel like you’re home. You are ready to love again when you can differentiate between the people who make your heart beat faster and the people who make you feel calm.

You are ready to love again when you remember that to love is to be vulnerable.

You know that trusting people always come with the risk of being cheated, betrayed, lied to, and hurt but you can’t avoid potential pain forever. You are ready to love again when you fully acknowledge that you will be okay in the end, and love is worth all the struggle.

When you are ready to love again, you will see the memories you had with those who hurt you were beautiful. You will realize that love has never been the mistake; there is no mistake in loving someone, it is always a gift. You are ready to love again when you not only want to feel the warmth of the love itself, but you also realize that you will feel its pain too. At the end of the day, you know you are ready to love again when you feel ready; when you are brave enough to take the risk, to open up with people, give trust, and believe that they won’t hurt you in the end. Always remember that love has never been the mistake and you can be ready at any time you want.

Featured image via Jonathan Borba on Pexels


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