How A Picture Can Actually Give You Hope

A picture can say a thousand words, without even meaning to. It can bring people closer together, forming a bond that is unbreakable. It can take you back to the memories that you want to hold so close and dear. It can bring back heartache and pain or joy from past years. It can even make you fall to your knees, wishing that you could unsee everything that is laid out in front of you. A picture can break your heart.

A picture. That was all it took to know that we could never go back. We could never be who we were or have a future together. That all the plans that we had made or the hopes that we had shared would never happen. The moment I saw the picture of you with that girl, and the future that she held in her belly, that was the time that it hit me. A picture, made the fairy tale fall apart.

It was just like the nail in the coffin, the final moment, the curtain fall. It was the bow breaking, the tides turning, the last straw. It was the time that people can’t come back from. The realization that you are gone and will never be anything more than a painful memory. The idea that you had made your bed and now you were forced to lay in it. The understanding that you were moving on with your life and I no longer had a place in it. A picture, made me see that I didn’t belong.

It was also at that moment that I saw my growth. My emotional growth and acceptance within the idea that you were no longer mine. You were gone, and I was okay it. You weren’t holding me up anymore, and I was able to stand on my own. You weren’t in my mind all the time, and I was doing fine with the new life that I had created for myself. A picture reminded me of how strong I really was.

A picture also reminded me that our lives weren’t on the same page anymore. You had tried to come back, to the life you had before you met her, but I wouldn’t let you. You wanted something different than me, and I wasn’t ready to let you destroy what I had created. You were content with settling down, and I’m still fine on my own. You were eager for the family life, and I’m still happy to roam free. Maybe you were ready for the house, the wife, and the ring, but I wasn’t. A picture can remind you of exactly what you are looking for out of life.  

A picture was all it took to remind me of the love that we had, but the life that I wasn’t ready for. It had broken my heart, but in ways didn’t make it shatter. It broke the past that I still felt could have been ours someday, but made me see that the future’s still bright. Sometimes life needs to break you so that you can mend on your own and see where the journey takes you. A picture has given me hope.

Featured Image via Unsplash



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