A Promise Is Just A Lie That We Want To Keep

I wish I had a great introduction to his poem but I really don’t. It was inspired by characters that live inside my head and sometimes spill onto paper. They live imaginary lives and are part of made up love stories. This is just a small piece of one of those stories.

A promise is just a lie you want to keep

I won’t leave you.

I’m right here.

I’m not leaving.


You promised

me this

Over and over

On those late nights

When I couldn’t sleep


You promised

That you loved me

And that you always will

You whispered

Forever and always

Over and over


You promised

To be there for me

To share my secrets

And hold me when

The world got too big


You promised

It would never

happen again

You would never even

Speak with her again


You promised

That I was the only

One for you

That you needed me

In your life


But The problem with

A promise is  

It’s  just a lie

That we want to

Desperately keep


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