7 Life Lessons You Wish You Understood Earlier

As a young child you learn so many different life lessons that you push to the side thinking they don’t matter, although they really do. You believe that every lesson you hear is just some adults talking, but it can truly benefit you, only if you really listen. As a child I can remember my parents giving me so much life advice; I just wish I listened. Each and every lesson leads to an event and/or problem that you could have prevented if you knew the answer already. Here are just a few that I have learned from my parents but wished to have understood a little earlier in life.

Take risks; don’t be afraid to jump when given the chance
This is a big one, following the rules all the time can lead to a very depressing life style. Taking a step outside of your comfort zone once in awhile allows you to meet new people, and create memories that you can one day tell your children and grandchildren and have those memories as a reminder of what you have accomplished within your life.

I have always wanted to travel and I have my dad to thank for that. I was raised to travel, and to accept every new opportunity that came my way, so now that I’m older I am able to accept different cultures, different people, and the different places of the world. I was happy to have this on my side so I can truly grasp everything this world does offer.

Keep an open mind
Having an open mind allows for so many different opportunities for where life will take you. Keeping an open mind allows you to accept every type of person and find a way to be happy in every situation. What gets better than being happy all the time?

Stay true to yourself
Staying true to yourself can be very satisfying if you do it correctly. When you stand up for what you believe in, things tend to work out in your favor. I felt being true to myself was the only way to grow. The only way to learn more about myself. Knowing more about yourself allows you to grow and expand on what you already know. It is how you develop as a person.

Don’t take family time for granted
You’ll miss your family, like there’s no tomorrow. Especially when you can’t spend anymore time with them. Family is very important and they are always on your side and willing to support you with every decision. Spend time with your grandparents, parents, and siblings, because when you are away from each other you’ll regret those days you went out partying instead of being with your family. Don’t go for the life of the party, go for the boy who makes sure the life of the party gets home. I wish I listened to my mom when she gave me this advice as a little girl. I have learned that nice guys do finish first and if you get a guy who treats you right then make sure to at least give him a chance. The one who makes sure you’re okay, the one who helps you through tough situations, and the one who you can tell everything to… that is the kind of man you want. Be with someone who accepts you at your worst and accepts you at your best.

Money isn’t everything
As adults we believe money is the main goal, we need money for school, for life, and to have a good future, but it is not. There’s nothing better than finding a passion and loving what you do vs. hating your life and receiving big pay cheques. Plus at the end of your life, wouldn’t it be nicer to look at the experiences and adventurous you’ve had instead of worrying about getting that raise.

Play the sport you want to play
My biggest regret was not playing the sports I could have. I loved sports but was too afraid to go anywhere with them so I quit and quit and quit. DO NOT DO THAT. Once you’re older and the teams are made, then you can’t play anymore. And believe me when I say you’ll miss it. Take every opportunity as they come, you’ll never know what could happen.

Although these are only a few tips on how to have a more enjoyable life, they make such a difference. When you become an adult and are missing all the good things in your childhood, you’ll learn to stop taking things for granted and look at the big picture. Look at what your future is like and how you’ll get there. Just remember it is always one step at a time.

Featured image viia Mateusz Sałaciak on Pexels


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