Why You Don’t Have To Dress Half Naked To Be Considered Sexy

Let’s just be honest, we all want to look good and be desirable to the opposite sex. It has become ingrained into a girl’s brain that in order to look sexy, she should show off what she’s got. To many girls, this translates as showing off her curves. However, we might want to reconsider thinking that the only way to show our sexy side is to expose every inch of our bodies that the law will allow.

Every now and then, we like to go out on the town and have a good time. As women, we like to take extra time to get all dressed up and look as hot as we can be. Say it’s your best friend’s 21st birthday and you are planning to gather a group of friends so you can all celebrate. You have agreed to hit up the best clubs and bars the town has to offer, and you want to be seen looking like a knockout. While getting ready, you all do your hair and makeup and then throw on the tightest and shortest dresses you have in your closets, or maybe some form fitting pants that shows off your killer butt and a cleavage baring top. This is all because to many girls, this is what it means to look sexy.

When it comes to asking the question about why women want to look sexy when they go out, there are a few popular reasons, one of them being to attract a guy. Men will be attracted to the great looking woman’s body that she has so flawlessly executed in showing off. They will be tempted to check out her body and they will like what they see. It’s a fact that our society holds a very narrow standard of beauty for women, and yes, men are attracted to women that have attained that look, but there’s more to it than that.

Men often do appreciate more than just a great female body and exposed skin. They love it when a girl knows how to carry herself with poise and confidence. They are impressed when she can hold a great conversation as well as when she shows off her independence, intelligence and skills, and they think it’s so cool when she isn’t afraid to show her quirkiness and humorous side. These are all things that men will find incredibly sexy. When it comes to looks, men will likely look your way if he’s attracted to your overall appearance, even if you are aren’t trying to look “sexy” and even if you aren’t next to naked. It’s possible to draw a guy in when you are wearing your casual clothes just as easily as when you have a tight dress on.

When all is said and done, if a girl really wants to dress sexy when she’s getting ready to go out, then by all means, she can do as she pleases. However, let this be a reminder that being in your face sexy with your appearance is not the only way to be seen as desirable. If you are going out and you want to be looking great, remember that there is more than one way to show just how attractive you can be. You can get him to remember how hot your body is, or you can get him to remember how awesome you are as a person, and how he would be a fool to let you disappear out of his life.

Featured image via mr.stokey on Flickr 



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