Why You Should Appreciate Your Long Distance BFF

Finding that person that you can become completely yourself with is not an easy thing to do. There are so many issues with girls these days trying to find a real, true, and honest friend. It seems that a lot of the time girls have issues befriending other girls who turn out to be fake, selfish, or just not a good fit; nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that a true friend does not exist. Sometimes it just takes time to find a person worth your while to keep around and cherish, and when you find them, life becomes a lot better and more fun.

However, sometimes we find that perfect best friend match for ourselves, but as we grow they sometimes have to move away to move on with their life. This is never an easy thing to deal with.

No one actually wants their closest companion to leave their side.

Yet, without us even realizing it, this move from being with someone almost 24/7 to seeing them maybe twice a year can do a wonder for your friendship, and it becomes the ultimate test to see if you two are really special to each other.

There are a couple of ways you can tell that your long distance BFF is the real deal, and if you do any of these things, then you and your best friend are bound for life, no matter what obstacles may come your way.

For starters, if you know it’s hard to meet up because of the distance, but you still both put effort into finding a time to see each other, then you both still care to keep the friendship alive. Making time out of both of your schedules to hang out is so important to maintaining your long distance friendship.

Also, even though you live so far away, you still update each other on every aspect of your lives. Whether this is through texting, a Facebook chat, or even regular phone calls, you and your bestie let each other know is happening. If you can hardly see someone, but still take the time to check in on them, then you are true best friends.

If you can be the type of friends who only see each other 2 to 4 times a year, but when you finally get to visit it feels like just yesterday, then this is a great sign. I only see my high school best friend about three times a year ever since we moved away to different schools, but when we get to meet up, there is never a dull moment or awkward silence.

As we grow older, we get into more serious relationships, and as we all know, relationships take a lot of time and effort. However, if you are able to still make time to talk to your long-distance best friend and make plans to see them, even with a serious relationship with your significant other, then you are lucky to have a good long distance best friend. My long distance bestie and I are both in serious relationships, but we still make the effort to update each other on our lives and visit each other.

Finding your person is an incredible feeling. I couldn’t imagine life without my best friend. Although our relationship changed when we graduated high school and both moved away, we have put the effort in these last five years to make it work. We talk when we can, and we visit when we can, but no matter what we are still incredibly close and we trust each other with our lives.

Therefore, if your best friend is moving away, or you have a long-term best friend, try to appreciate the fact that you know you two will be best friends for life because you have been able to make something work while not being physically close, and that is what makes a true friend.

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