Thank You To My Failed Long Distance Relationship

You’re the empty space that kept me from past lovers that I would have liked to know. Those long miles have kept me from being with the ones I truly wanted to be with. Damn you, distance, for making me say goodbye to someone I desperately tried to hold on to. You inflicted pain on me; not the pain that heals, but the pain that will always remain… and it all started from the moment that you made me say goodbye.

But as you know, the saddest part of saying goodbye is not the initial goodbye, it’s the next day when you wake up and realize that your person is no longer five minutes away.

He was miles away from me. I could no longer text him to come over because by the time he would arrive at my doorstep, it would be hours and hundreds of dollars later.

Why distance? Why do you have to be so brutal?

You took him away and you made me a slave to my phone. I would await his message impatiently as it traveled through your medium across the southern border. Over the rivers, valleys, and mountains that message traveled straight to my screen, where I immediately would accept the notification.

This could have been something. Didn’t you see the way he looked at me? Or the big smile on my face when he made me laugh? We just clicked. Like two people that had known each other since the beginning of time. I could have been happy. He could have been the one. Starting a life with him might have been something that would have been in my future. Why did you have to take away my shot at happiness?

Life isn’t fair, but for once, I wanted it to be.

I wanted things to work out. But you, distance, kept putting more miles and trials between him and I. You took him away and pushed me further from him. The physical and emotional distance was too great to make bearable, so we, much to your delight, went our separate ways.

After much heartache and tribulation, I now know that I was never meant to be with him. After years of despising you and blaming you, I have come to realize that you may be smarter than I thought.

Oh distance, my good old friend who I sometimes despise to encounter, you are far wiser than I ever have given you credit for.

Miles are but a number and space is irrelevant. Real love doesn’t count the valleys, rivers, and mountains that distance separates them with. Rather, real love strengthens as distance tries day and night to tear it apart. Distance puts love to the test, to let each person know what they really want.

I have met someone else now, who is far better than anyone I could have ever imagined. He is kind and he is good. You knew that the one before was not good enough for me. You, distance, burned my last relationship to the ground so that a new one could grow from the ashes.

Thank you distance, my loyal friend, for keeping me away from what was not meant to be mine.

Featured Image via Caleb Firth


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