6 Signs Of A Genuine Friendship

As we grow, we find that friendships come and go. Some people walk into our lives for a short amount of time or for a long time. Either way, every person teaches us something about ourselves that allows us to grow into the person we are meant to be. People shape who we are for the better.

However, a genuine friend can really make a massive impact on our lives. In fact, it’s these deep connections that we have with others that provide incredible opportunities for self-growth. Here are just some of the qualities that set those deep friendships apart from other relationships in our lives.

They Push Us To Accept Ourselves

Haven’t we all heard the saying that “we should talk to ourselves like we would our best friends?” This statement is typically made when we find ourselves beating ourselves up over the most unimportant things like our appearance. In fact, this negative self-criticism is common in women but men are not devoid of these negative thoughts as well.

As a result, having a true friend who can allow you to crawl out of a negative mental state is essential for our overall well-being. Whether it’s feeling inadequate in a job interview or just not liking what is staring at us in the mirror, having someone push you to accept yourself exactly as you are is critical for your mental health!

They’re Always Fully Present And In The Moment

A true friend will be there when you need them most. In fact, the greatest gift any friend could ever truly give is their full attention and awareness. Being present in the moment is the defining characteristic of a wonderful friend. As a result, real friends make it a point to stay present when they are with you.

They are the ones that put their phones away once they see you. They are not distracted by text messages or other annoyances that could cause them to lose their attention. True friends are there to listen and participate with you.

They Truly Listen

Another mainstay of a true friend is that they are fantastic listeners. In fact, conversations with real friends are just that- a conversation. It’s never a one-sided conversation about themselves. Instead, true friends allow you to vent and talk about any problems you may be going through or share in your joy and excitement.

Being able to have an open, two-way dialogue with someone improves the chances that the relationship is going to be stronger. The only way people can bond is by communicating with one another. Good communication requires active participation as well as active listening. Therefore, when you find a friend who can really listen when you speak is someone to hold onto for the long-haul.

They Support Us Through Adversity

It’s one thing to have a friend who provides support during times of triumph. However, it is a whole other issue to have someone support you when things can’t seem to go your way. In fact, incredible friends are there through all of your peaks and valleys through life.

All the grief, the joy, the failures, and everything in between, genuine friends are always there for you. When you have a friend who knows what you need whenever you are going through something life-changing, that is a friend that will be in your life for a long time. Keep them close!

They Reduce Our Stress Levels

We are all stressed. Jobs, responsibilities, and overall adulting can be a stressful experience. In fact, friends who understand what we are going through and have the ability to calm us down is a wonderful gift. Genuine friends have the magical ability to know when we are going through a stressful experience. As a result, they know exactly what we need to allow us to make the better decision for ourselves to reduce our stress.

They Always Keep Us Humble

Although genuine friends are there to celebrate all of our accomplishments and success, they also remind us of where we came from. In fact, a great friend will call you out when they notice you getting a big head with all the praise you may be receiving. Real friends know who you are underneath the accomplishment and success. True friends remind you of where you came from and that is something we all need once in awhile.

In the end, real friends are the ones that stick with us through thick and thin. They are there every step of the way helping us grow and evolve. And when it comes to true friendship, having those deep and meaningful conversations provides us with emotional stability that is often needed as we journey through life.

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