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To My Long Distance Best Friend, You Will Always Be My Person

Dear Long Distance Best Friend,

I know that as we grow, friendships become harder and harder to maintain. We get busy with work, life, traveling, and families of our own. As life gets more hectic, making a conscious decision to maintain a friendship is something that you have to choose. And I am so thankful that you choose to put in that effort every single day.

When I have a really good day or a really bad one, or maybe if I just want to talk, I know that I can always count on you to cheer me on, put a smile on my face, be a listening ear, or just be someone that I can lean on. You’re a text, a call, a FaceTime away – regardless of the physical distance between us.

I know that you’re busy. You know that I am busy. I know that there will be times when we go days or even weeks without talking, but I also know that it has nothing to do with us with the stability of our friendship, nor does it mean that it’s deteriorating. It means that we know that sometimes things will come up and we can’t always drop everything that we’re doing. When we talk again, I know that we’ll be able to pick up right where we left off.

I don’t think it’s possible for you to fully understand just how much our friendship means to me, and how much I appreciate you. I am at a loss for words, trying to formulate my gratitude into a series of words. And you of all people would know that I am never speechless.

In you, I have found a soulmate. When I imagine myself accomplishing things in the future, I imagine you right by my side. My partner in crime as I travel the world. My sidekick when we hit the town. The maid of honor at my wedding. The “auntie” to my children.

At any given moment, there are roughly 160 miles between us. I know that someday there may be more, and I know that someday there may be less. But what I want you to know is that no matter how much distance lies between us, I will never stop loving and supporting you just the same. Whether it’s 5 miles or 500, I will always be excited to see you. No matter the distance, I hope you know that you can always count on me, just like I can count on you.

It’s very rare to find a friend like you. Many people will live a whole lifetime without finding someone who comes even close, so I thank my lucky stars that the universe brought us together and that we both made the decision to do what we could to keep that friendship alive and well.

I want you to know how proud of you I am, for everything you’ve accomplished and for everything you’ve attempted to accomplish because you had the balls to do it. Keep being you and never be afraid to take chances.

I love you to the moon and back.


Your long-distance best friend

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