The 10 Types Of Frat Guys You’re Guaranteed To Meet In College

Fraternity boys are one of my favorite things that I am currently studying in school. Whether it’s someone I met in class, at a frat party, or someone who lives on my floor, my interactions with frat boys range in scope of understanding what type of person they are. I’m sure that being in a fraternity amplifies certain personalities and attributes, but through my research, I discovered that there are indeed stereotypes that ring true for the majority of fraternities.

Here are 10 types of fraternity guys that you come across in every chapter:

10. The All-American Boy

He’s the kid who has it all balanced out. Guys want to be him and girls want to be with him. His chill to pull ratio is a solid 5:5, and we haven’t seen a ratio like that since McCoy was in the frat. #’Merica

9. The Comedian

It’s like having Jimmy Fallon in your fraternity, but the only difference is this guy passed out in the kitchen with his pants around his ankles and Jimmy Fallon (probably) wouldn’t do that. But man can he make the crowd laugh.

8. The Upside Down-Visor Wearer

This is my nice way of saying that there is always a straggling douchebag (or two) in the frat.

7. The Intramural Hero

This all-star athlete brings glory to the frat with his skills on the court. It’s obvious that he was always picked first in gym class – he’s versatile in every sport. He helps elevate the frat’s bragging rights even though he’s the one who held the team up.

6. The 12 Credit Hour/12 Beers A Day Guy

This guy has adopted the motto “minimum efforts, maximum results,” when it comes to his college mentality. His whole life is an enigma because who has the drinking and academic power like he does? He is a savage when it comes to parties, but he still makes sure to turn in his online assignments on time and mess up the grading curve for everyone.

5. The Guy With The Tapestry And Endless Amounts Of Lighters

This is my nice way of saying that this is the lovable druggie of the house.

4. The Casanova

He’s smooth-talking and unbelievably attractive. He brought his car to school this year just so he can drive home his plethora of bedpost notches because that’s just the kind of guy he is.

3. The Scholarly Gentlemen

Does this guy party? Of course, but he casually sips on nice alcohol (by nice I mean, like, Captain Morgan.)

2. The Risk Manager

This is the guy that holds it all together while everybody else has the job of giving him risks to manage. Does the risk manager themselves induce risk from time to time? Absolutely, but hey, it’s a hard job to handle; they have to cope with it somehow.

1. The Abercrombie Model

He makes every girl swoon and want to flock to the frat, so for that, he gets a big, fat bid.

Syndicated from University Primetime.

Featured Image via screengrab from Neighbors.


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