5 Stages Of Liking A F*ckboy, As Told By Taylor Swift

It happened. You start liking a guy only to figure out he’s a dreaded f*ckboy. After one eternity of eye rolling, you start to question your taste in men. Why did I find him attractive? Why couldn’t I see it from the start? Why is EVERY guy I’m interested in like this? You can’t help but wonder if all men are like this or if it’s just this particular type of man you seem to be attracted to.

Fear not, f*ckboy lover! After exhaustive, completely scientifically legit research, we’ve created our own theory and even came up with the various stages of falling for a f*ckboy to help you get through this rough time. Here are the 5 stages of f*ckboyism, as told by relationship expert Taylor Swift.

Stage 1: Initial Attraction

F*ckboy catches your eye and you have a small bit of hope that maybe this one will be nice and respectful. Maybe this one will be living proof that not every guy you find attractive is a special kind of asshole.

Stage 2: Background Info

Whether it be stalking his social media, talking to his friends, or even talking to him, you learn more about who he is as a person. At first, he seems to check off everything on your “list”. Smart, funny, athletic, good-looking, etc.

Stage 3: Realization

You were having a great conversation and then he say’s something that takes all of those brownie points away. Whether he made some type of sexual innuendo, or straight up asked you for nudes, you’ve now come to the realization that he is a f*ckboy. *cue eye roll*

Stage 4: Questioning

Otherwise known as the “Why God why?” stage. Why is every guy I’m attracted to like this? How do I change my taste in men? Should I just give up on looking? These questions play in your head over and over. The best thing to do at this point is to buy the biggest bottle of wine you can find and watch your favorite chick flicks. Tip: Sex and the City is a GREAT go to.

Stage 5: Acceptance

You’ve drank the wine, watched the chick flicks, and you’re now onto the final stage; acceptance. Okay, so I’m attracted to f*ckboys. Either I need to learn to play the game better than they can, or I need to start broadening my horizons. At this point, maybe it wouldn’t be a bad idea to give different types of guys a second look.

At the end of the day, everything happens for a reason. Maybe you need to kiss 100 frogs before you find your prince charming. Eventually though, your prince will come along and the f*ckboys will be his peasants. Don’t lose hope; they’re not ALL the same!

Featured image via screengrab of Taylor Swift- Blank Space


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