7 Reasons Flying Is Torture That You Have To Pay For

I fully acknowledge that being able to fly all over the world is great and a lot better deal than having to be on a boat for three months to get to Europe, but that being said flying is still a pain in my ass. Yes, I do realize that I am complaining about a luxury that not many get to have, but it’s the 21st century and if you’re not complaining about life’s amazing advanced technologies than are you really living? From buying the expensive plane tickets to the process of boarding the flight. Here are the 7 reasons flying is my own personal hell:

1. Paying for flight tickets really can take a toll on your bank account, so I suggest finding an airline you really like and earning miles with them over time.

2. Being a natural over packer and paying for a checked luggage is, unfortunately, a normal hit for my bank account to take when flying.

3. Going through security may be the worst part of the whole airport experience. If it’s a holiday or weekend get there super early, because the lines can take forever! If you’re like me, getting stopped at the security checkpoint is a normal thing. I seem to always have something in my bag that isn’t allowed. Shoutout to the TSA worker that took my $70 bottle of tanning lotion.

4. God forbid your flight gets canceled or delayed, which if you have bad luck like me, happens practically every other flight. All I can say for this is make a beeline for the airport bar.

5. Waiting to board, your morale is low, your phone is dying and there is no outlet open for your use. At this point, you just want to be in the air on the plane flying to your destination, but instead, you’re sitting in a crowded gate watching the life being drained out of you.

6. Finally boarding the plane, but don’t worry… Your group number 4 so sit tight and fit in a nice 15-minute nap prior. My favorite part is watching the people that join me in group 4 get up the minute they announced the boarding process is beginning. It really makes me wonder if they just like to be on top of things or they just enjoy standing and aimlessly waiting.

7. Now it’s time to play Russian roulette on your assigned seating. This could work in your favor, but sometimes BANG you get hit with a crying baby, someone who’s taken one too many shots of espresso and won’t be quiet, or the snorer. May the odds be ever in your favor!

How can such an advanced transportation system be such a traumatic experience? I guess with every good side there must come a bad. There are ways to try and avoid all these nuisances if you really do your research and become a pro traveler. Clearly, I have yet to get there since I am currently writing this at my airport gate since my flight has been delayed two hours. Fret not, we will all make it to our destinations soon, happy traveling!

Featured image via Daria Shevtsova on Pexels


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