7 Ways To Know Your Relationship Is Rock Solid

We all have had those relationships where we knew deep down, it just wasn’t going to work out. You may have put in all of your time and effort; you compromised every way that you could, but you two just never seemed to be in sync. That’s okay. All of the relationships that never quite worked out for you have paved a way for you to find the right one, and when you do, WOW. Everything just seems to change in your life, and things begin to fall in place, and feel just, well… right. So how do you know if your current relationship is the one that is going to last? Here are 7 signs that your relationship is one to be envious of:

  1. You Are Finishing Each Other’s Sentences

Ever had a moment where you’re talking about something and your significant other just blurts out exactly what’s on your mind? No, they aren’t a mind reader, but this is a sign your S.O. knows you so well, they can even complete your unsaid thoughts and sentences. This is definitely a good sign!

  1. You BOTH Do The Cleaning Up

I know this one may sound a little strange, but having your S.O. offer to help you clean up is a huge step, especially because who enjoys cleaning up? Not only is it courteous but it also shows a sign of teamwork and respect.

  1. You Can Give Each Other Space

Giving each other space to breathe in a long-term relationship is also important. Eventually you will find that you need some alone time to read or have a girls night, and that’s ok! You both respect each other’s boundaries and know when to get and give a little space.

  1. You Aren’t Afraid Of Privacy

Privacy is a huge important part of being an individual, let alone being in a relationship. Although now that you are in a serious relationship, you do not need to know everything about each other’s private life, as all the important aspects should already be being shared. So if you and your S.O. respect each other’s privacy, you two are doing great!

  1. You Know Exacty What The Other Needs

You both seem to know exactly what will cheer the other up in times of sadness, stress, or chaos. No matter what life throws at you, you are well prepared to catch each other when you fall and help cheer the other person up.

  1. Your Support Is Unbreakable

An important aspect of a healthy relationship is that you support one another, no matter how crazy the dreams and goals may seem to be. You can always count on your S.O. to give you down to earth advice, but know they will always be supportive just like you are with them!

  1. You Undeniably Trust One Another

Oh, trust. The thing that is easily given, easily broken, and almost impossible to get back. Once broken, things usually can never return to exactly how they once were. If you and your S.O. trust each other 100% in every aspect of the relationship, you two are unbreakable!

If you and your S.O. have most of these signs in your relationship, then yours is one for the ages! Your friends are envious of the (so obvious) unbreakable bond you two share, and even strangers can feel it out in public. Likelihood is that you two are so cute you can make people sick, but that’s definitely a very good thing. Make sure to keep up with your communication, listening, and trust, and your relationship will continue to flourish and be goals!

Featured image via Ryanniel Masucol on Pexels


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