Here’s Your Reminder To Keep Going On This ‘National Day of Hope’

April 3rd is National Day of Hope.

I used to dread this day because it was so difficult for me to have hope. It took 20 years to accept the courage to start turning hopelessness into hope, but I’m glad that I’ve used my differences to give others hope in the face of their most difficult challenges.

For 20 years, I hid who I truly was behind a facade of hope, especially as I pursued my first college degree. I received my first degree in Social and Behavioral Sciences because I hoped I could become a counselor. Still, when society told me that I was incapable of the career I wanted filled me with hopelessness. However, I discovered that sharing my story could not only help me find hope, but also help others do the same.

Sometimes, a best friend and a tattoo can open your eyes to the actual reason you were put on this Earth. I got my tattoo as a symbolic reminder to have hope in every situation. Around that same time, my best friend told me that I could make a difference and give others hope if I chose to share pieces of my story.

I have had to have hope for my entire life.

It often hid from people, even from myself. People saw me as incapable, but I always found enough hope within myself to prove them wrong.

I now know that no matter what struggles lie in front of you, hope is the answer. Hope has helped me defy odds and do many things that others thought I couldn’t. As long as we believe in our hearts that we will achieve our goals and dreams, it will happen.

Remember that hope and faith can get you through anything. You exist on this Earth to stand out, be different, and tell a story of hope that no one else can.

Photo by Luis Quintero on Unsplash


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