6 Products Every Traveler Needs In Their Suitcase

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Traveling is far from easy. Mainly because the constant questions of “what do I need to bring?” versus “what can I fit in my suitcase?” are always in the back of your mind. However, there are some must-have products that every traveler will definitely need that don’t take up a lot of space if you plan it out.

1. Mini bag to hold travel documents

I always like to carry a mini wristlet-type bag that holds my passport, boarding pass and any other travel documents that I need. That way, I have easy access to everything and don’t have to rummage through multiple bags to find it.

2. Travel towel

Whether you need it for a day at the beach or for after a shower, there is an overabundance of travel towels that fold into compatible sizes. This helps you with not taking up as much space. And they dry relatively quickly, hence nothing else in your bag will get wet.

3. Venus waterless razor

This product was my saving grace on my most recent trip because it does the trick when you’re stuck. Whether you want to touch up your armpits or bikini line (or even shave your whole leg), this razor does the job and doesn’t require any water or shaving cream. It’s perfect for any traveler. The gel hydrates your skin and prevents razor bumps from forming. Sadly, they don’t last you too long, but they’re great for quick touch-ups or for a week-long vacation

4. Travel sink pods

Tide makes tiny packages of laundry detergent that are about the size of a necklace pendant. Thanks to them, you can wash the odd article of clothing in a sink if you need to. They are unscented and effective for a quick job if you just want to freshen something up or clean dirt off your white shorts. 

5. Toilet paper to-go

CAA offers a ton of great travel products for last-minute or “in case of emergency” scenarios. Especially worth noting is a tiny roll of toilet paper if you have an accident or really need to go. There’s nothing worse than going to a washroom with no TP or ones that are so thin you might as well use your hand. This way you are always safe as a traveler.  

6. Vacuum bags

If space is something that is limited in your suitcase, I would highly recommend vacuum bags that shrink your clothes. Although they are often used for clothing storage at home, companies do make some for travelers. I use the brand Ziploc, and they instantly shrink when I sit on the bag to seal it rather than using a vacuum cleaner. 

Whether you’re checking a suitcase, sticking to a carry-on bag or even a backpack, these products will fit and take up minimal space. Plus, one of their many benefits is that they can all be reused for a number of trips. Even if you don’t find them useful on the trip you initially bought them for.

Featured image from @willianjusten via Unsplash.



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