Why Norm Kelly Is Every Millennial’s Favorite Politician

You may or may not have heard of the world’s most savage city councilor a few times in the social media world. Some call him the 6Dad, the Drake of Toronto politics, Mrs. Kelly’s favorite son, or Toronto City Councillor, Ward 40. But we just call him Norm Kelly.

Even if you’re not from the city of Toronto or even Canada, Norm Kelly has taken Twitter by storm, gaining mass popularity because of his relationship with Drake, feuds with anyone who disses the 6 (or locals), and for his hysterical tweets. No one would expect any such thing to come from a 75-year-old city councilor, but if we learned anything from when our old mayor Rob Ford (aka the Crack Mayor) was in office, anything can happen.

Here are some of the best Twitter moments to give you a feel for just how amazingly savage Mr. Kelly really is:

Safety Patrol

Acting like the true 6Dad he is, he has to make sure all the children are safe.

Supports Good Causes

Humanitarian should practically be part of his Twitter bio at this point.

Welcoming Committee

As a true Canuck, this Canadian gentleman welcomes celebrities and tourists of all kinds with hospitality.

Clap Backs

He will throw shade right back at you, and feel no ways about it.

Up to Date With the Latest Memes

I don’t even know what to say about this but laugh.

He Can Dance

Drake Night at the Toronto Raptors basketball game was a huge success last year due to a) the Hotline Bling box and b) the fact Norm was personally invited by Drizzy himself to do his best take on the dance. Classic.

Understands the Economy

If you don’t know how much you’re bankin’, are you really an OG?

Talks Politics

Not only does he weigh in on Toronto politics, but he voices his opinion on US politics too!

Promotes Healthy Living

Good ‘ol Norm Kelly, teaching the children of today how to sneeze like a gem.

Throwback Thursdays are Lit

I don’t know about you but I know I don’t have a throwback Thursday picture to top this one.

Understands Climate Change

Toronto got absolutely no rain this summer and we had an intense period of high humidity.

Retweets Great Love Advice

If you can’t find a guy to love you like Drake, there’s always the next best thing…


The Twitter Beef

Rapper Meek Mill decided to diss Drake saying he doesn’t write his own music, and Norm Kelly didn’t like it. If the world didn’t know who Mr. Kelly was before, they sure did after this.

His love for Torontonian’s, Canadian’s & Their Sports Teams

You can’t hate a man for showing his kind some love!

His Love For the 6 God himself, Drake

The bromance is real between the two and they have an undeniable love for the city of Toronto and each other.

All in all, City Councillor Norm Kelly is bringing a lot of positive attention to the city and is doing a great job at promoting safety, city events, and our athletic teams. He’s also using his platform to reach out to the younger demographic and making politics cool again. So thank you Norm for being a great representative of the 6 and being a downright savage. And if you’re a hater, you can take one too…

Featured image via Norm Kelly


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