24 Reasons Fall Should Be Your Favorite Season

We’re a month into school and have finally moved on from the muggy, bug filled hell called summer in order to pull out sweaters, scarves, and long pants once again. That’s right basics, fall has officially fallen into the world once again. If you’re anything like me, the season began at the stroke of midnight on September 1. However, now that fall is officially here, the weather is finally changing, as are the leaves, our school stress levels have spiked, and every store has incorporated Halloween decor that we definitely cannot afford but must own.

I have compiled the ultimate list of why fall trumps any other season of the year, especially this year:

1. Pumpkin patches.
Time to go take the most basic Insta-worthy picture with either your best friends, significant other, or even your dog.

2. PSLs.
Starbucks still holds the monopoly on this flavor but you can get everything, I mean really pumpkin spice EVERYTHING, anywhere these days.

3. Insta-worthy trees.
What is it about yellow that we absolutely must document?

4. Woolly mammoth legs.
Lol bye Felicia to my razor until May.

5. Riding boots.
We need something to cover our hairy-ness when wearing skirts.

6. Horror events.
Is it actually fall if you don’t attend a haunted hayride or house?

7. Halloween movies.
Mostly Disney channel original ones.

8. Halloween.
Be anything but Harley Quinn this year ladies.

9. The end of this hellish election.
God help us all in the states.

10. Sweatshirts.
Am I hungover? On my period? Haven’t showered? Good luck figuring that out while I enjoy my cozy state.

11. “Fall Bod”.
Screw your summer body, time to indulge in carbs, cookies, and hot chocolate while wearing your sweaters.

12. Scarves.
Probably the easiest accessory that can jazz up any outfit.

13. Earlier darkness.
The perfect excuse to break out the pj’s and wine way earlier. .

14. Tailgating.
The only thing that makes football worth it.

15. Thanksgiving.

16. And bikinis? What’re those hell traps?
Hiding them for 9 months.

17. Hot coffee.
And the ability to enjoy it without sweating.

18. Really any hot drinks.
Tea, Chocolate, Irish coffee.

19. Seasonal Beer.
Hello again, Oktoberfest

20. Flannels.
Yours and your boyfriends, but mostly his cause they’re… So. Much. Softer.

21. Cuddling.
See ya sweaty legs, arms, and chests!

22. Scary movies.
While cuddling of course.

23. Christmas decorations.
Generally post-Thanksgiving, but if you want to earlier, string those lights and hang the ornaments to your heart’s desire. We aren’t going to judge.

24. Cool weather.
Not too cold to freeze, but enough to wear layers again.

Now go out on your fall dates, jump in some leaves, bake a pie, and always document on the ‘Gram. I mean, it’s like the rules of feminism. Cheers to the best season of all!

Featured image via Greg Shield on Unsplash


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