10 Things You Forget To Thank Your Best Friends For

Friends are the bomb.com, but some are lucky to find best friends. You know, those people that know you better than yourself. The Mirandas, Samanthas, and Charlottes of your lives. They are there to pick up the pieces of a broken heart and jerk you back to reality when you’re temporarily insane. They are the ones that make the thought of graduating so sad, because let’s face it, the real world is scary when you don’t have all your best friends within two blocks of you. Here’s just a few things to thank your BFFs for:

  1. Thank you for being just as weird as me. My jokes aren’t that funny but you guys laugh anyways because you know that you were thinking the exact same thing.
  1. Thank you for fully supporting my bad eating habits. Pizza, cheese fries, you name it – I don’t know how we aren’t obese. And if we gain weight, at least we’ll do it together.
  1. Thank you for fully supporting my inconsistent workout habits. Guys I’ve gone to the gym 5 times this week!” Thanks for being excited about that even though you know we will all be eating that pizza tonight and probably taking a break from the gym the next two weeks.
  1. Thank you for making sure I feel loved. Boys will be boys. But you guys have my back no matter what and make me see that I’m strong, independent, and don’t need no man.”
  1. Thank you for drinking wine on Monday nights just because. Being 21 is fun because random wine nights have become extremely necessary.
  1. Thank you for letting me sleep over more than I sleep in my own bed. Forget crashing with boys when I can have a sleepover with you after a night downtown.
  1. Thank you being the only people to Snapchat me. Snapchat is a safe haven for ugly faces and double chins.
  1. Thank you for letting me drag you out when I’ve had a bad day and convincing me to go out when I feel like hiding from the world. I am forever less boring because of you guys.
  1. Thank you for running interference in my daily questionable decisions. My moral compass doesn’t always point north until you guys give me that “don’t you do it” look.
  1. Thank you for being my true soul mates. Forget boyfriends, because you guys will be my bridesmaids, sisters, and best friends for life. You all will always be there for me no matter how much I screw up and I thank you forever and ever.

If you have friends as great as mine, there are probably 100 more things you could thank them for. Without them, who else would laugh at your dumb jokes? Be sure to let them know how much you love them because let’s face it, without them you would be an even bigger hot mess.

Featured image via Rachel Claire on Pexels


  1. this piece is SO TRUE. I definitely don’t give my best friend enough credit for putting up with my silly snapchats and drunken rants in her bed.


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