6 Simple Things You Need To Do To Have A Summer Bod All Year

There is a lot of emphasis on the summer bod. It is elusive and a long process to achieve. But the more work you put in, the closer you are to obtaining whatever your physical desires are. Why not use all those diets and fitness routines year round so you can have a spring break bod, or a holiday dress bod, or even a fall-skinny-dipping-before-it’s-too-cold bod? Here’s how:

  1. Get a workout app: I highly recommend either Sweat With Kayla or 7 Minute Workout. Kayla Itsines has created a great 12 week program called Bikini Body Guide. The area of focus changes every week and each day of the week you are doing different moves. As for the 7 Minute Workout, this is a great way for those with busy lives, beginners, and those just looking to supplement what they already do. It’s short and it is narrated and you can set reminders on it so that you never forget to get that exercise in! 

  1. Walk: I can’t say this enough. I know you’re tired. I know it’s far. But walking is not only a great way to exercise your legs, it’s great for your lungs! Growing up in a town where everyone drove everywhere, I get how this could be hard for some. No, don’t walk 5 miles to school uphill both ways in the snow, but do get where you can by using your feet. Either walk around the block on lunch break or if you need to do a few errands that are all downtown, walk there. This is a great way to catch up with your friends too; how cute is a walk in the park girl date? 

  1. Buy a set of weights: We all promise ourselves we will go to the gym. We don’t always uphold those promises. It gets dark early and it’s cold and it is so crowded after work, so I choose to stay away from that gym place. Head to a sporting goods store or a Wal-Mart/Target near you and pick up some tools to complete a workout at home. Dumbbells, kettlebells, any bells that will sculpt those arms. 

  1. Keep yourself on track: The best way to do this is have a calendar, either on your phone, laptop, wall, that you can add little notes to. If you worked out 3 days in a row, give yourself a rest day. If you went crazy over the weekend with drinking and fast food, push yourself on Monday. Fitness is all about balance; you want to enjoy the life you live! My trick is to sign up for a race a few months in advance so I know I have to keep working. 

  1. Don’t have a second helping: Bears get to overeat then hibernate, not us humans. I’m jealous of bears too but it’s important to remember our place in the natural order and continue to function through all four seasons. It’s easy to eat until you’re beyond stuffed and holidays of home cooked meals are the hardest to hold yourself back from. But for every second plate you avoid, that’s one less pound you have to work harder to lose. 

  1. Eat fresh: Summer may be your favorite season to eat clean because, berries and pineapple and watermelon. Yum! But there are apples too. And there are pears, papaya, apricots. You’ve got pumpkin with all its spiced goodness. And there are root veggies like beets and turnips, to top your salad with. Frozen and canned are still good but nutrients get lost in those processes and a lot of sugar gets added instead. 

The big secret is there is no secret or shortcut when it comes to these healthy habits. We are all guilty of letting ourselves go from time to time. Just incorporate them slowly are the results will follow. As with any habit, it takes time for it to stick and it takes even more time to see major results. Keeping up with these little tips from day-to-day will have you beach ready whenever you’re looking to head to the warm weather!

Featured image via Ella Olsson on Unsplash


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