8 Excuses Girls Use When They’re Just Not That Into You

This one is for the boys: It is not easy for ladies to turn down a man. I am sorry to tell you this gentlemen, but at one point in your life, a female has used one or more of these lines below to gently say, “There are other fish in the sea and sorry sir, you are not my Nemo!” Most of the time it works, but other times fellas, you just do not get the subtle hint that she is not interested.

Women are very forward with their feelings; It is pretty obvious when a girl is NOT into you. Men think that women talk in a code that is impossible to decipher, but in reality, she has put her feelings on the table right in front of you and you are too busy watching Sports Center and scratching your ass to see it.

Now would be the time to grab a beer and brace yourself. If she has used one or more of these excuses on you, take a moment and realize, she is just not that into you:

1. I am too busy for a boyfriend right now.
Meaning: She is too busy dreaming up her Nicholas Sparks kind of love life and you are not her Ryan Gosling. Women are never too busy for something that they like and it seems as though you are not one of those things. If a woman is not taking the time to talk to you, she is just not that into you.

2. I need to take some time to find myself.
Meaning: I need to find a guy who isn’t you. Used most often, this line is the nicest way to say that you just aren’t doing it for her. No amount of time is really going to change that, but she is hoping that amount of time will help your penis forget she existed.

3. I can’t go out tonight – I have to wash my hair.
Meaning: I have taken off my bra for the night and it is not going back on. Channing Tatum might be the only man who is worth putting the bra back on for and the majority of the female population would leave it off for him anyways. I know this is going to sound like an odd one gentlemen, but if she isn’t willing to put her bra back on to see you, she just isn’t that into you.

4. You can do so much better than me.
Meaning: I can do so much better than you. You will come back with all the good qualities about her and that will give her an ego boost for about 2.5 seconds, before she has to use another line from this list to turn you down. Believe me when I say she is blowing you off, so just let it go and move on.

5. I don’t think we are heading in the same direction.
Meaning: She doesn’t want to financially provide for you for the rest of your life while you are blowing all her money on adult beverages and strippers.

6. I have to cancel tonight – something suddenly came up.
Meaning: You were my excuse for a night away from my cat, but I just got a better date offer from the guy at the gym who I have been checking out for weeks. If a girl really likes you, she is not going to cancel on you last minute unless she has Ebola or the opportunity to meet a member of the Backstreet Boys.

7. Instead of coming up with a creative excuse, I am just going to avoid and ignore.
Meaning: I hope to God this will make him realize I do NOT want to talk to him. This is NOT playing hard to get; This is the final straw where she has done everything in her power to nicely let you down and you haven’t gotten it. When this happens, do not fight her on this and say that she is a “bitch”. This is her nice way of hoping you get the point.

And my favorite & the one I use most often – 

8. No thank you, I do not want to go out with you.
Meaning: SHE DOESN’T WANT TO GO OUT WITH YOU. Again, not playing hard to get, she just isn’t interested. That will not change. Stop trying. Pull up Google, locate a hotline number and chat with some girl who would love to cater to you for the cheap rate of $29.95 an hour.

Keep in mind ladies and gentleman, these are generalized statements and not to be taken as an insult to the female population or to male stupidity. These are real excuses used by females that I have come in contact with or used myself. Hopefully this gave everyone a good chuckle, and if not, locate some alcohol and a sense of humor.

Featured image via Daria Shevtsova on Pexels


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