#SidneyCrosbyCheats Is Taking Over Twitter With These Hilarious Tweets

The Stanley Cup finals are heating up: Just ask Logan Couture of the San Jose Sharks. After a Penguins-dominant loss at the Consol Energy Center last night, the Sharks found themselves in a precarious position, down in the series 2 games to none.

Couture’s explanation? “[Crosby] cheats,” he said, referring to Crosby’s faceoff win that set up Conor Sheary’s game-winning overtime goal. “He gets away with that. He’s Sidney Crosby.”

When asked exactly how Crosby does this, Couture responded: “He times them and yet they don’t kick him out for some reason. Probably because of who he is.”

So much for a hard work ethic, relentless practice, and determination. Naturally, hoards of crazed hockey fans immediately took to Twitter, starting this trending hashtag: #SidneyCrosbyCheats.

Here a few of my personal favorite tweets:

  1. Crosby Gets All The Deals.

  2. Netflix Knows That Crosby Has His Life Together.

  3. Those Breadsticks Are Worth It.

  4. Monopoly Is What Prepares You For The Real World.

  5. It’s Like Magic!

  6. He Cheats At Everything … Doesn’t He?

  7. There’s Always Going To Be A Whiner In A Group.

This postseason Crosby has a 52.7 percent success rate in the faceoff dot. While Couture won all three of his draws versus Crosby in Game 1, he was only 1-for-4 in last night’s Game 2.

Move along, Couture — no one likes a sore loser. I think your energy would be best spent focusing on Game 3.

Featured Image Via Pittsburgh Penguins


  1. I also heard Couture said that Giant Eagle bags Sidney’s groceries for free because he’s Sidney Crosby.


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