10 Lessons You Can Only Learn From Your Older Sister

Although I don’t always show or express it, I truly am blessed to have an older sister. Not only does she unfailingly give me her support, she has also taught, and still teaches me, so many things about life, love, and what it is to be a human in this world. My sister and I have a great relationship, and I consider myself so lucky to have her in my life. When something is going right in my life, she celebrates with me. When something is going wrong, she’s a shoulder to cry on (even from across the country).

If you have an older sister, or even brother, you know that they can teach you so much. The following are a few lessons that my older sister has taught me through the years.

  1. He’s never worth your tears.

No matter what, that guy you liked is not worth your pain and suffering. Whether he lied to you, he fell for another girl, or he knew you liked him and never said anything, that guy is not worth it. My sister has never failed to tell me that there are other guys out there, and if he didn’t value me, he didn’t deserve my attention.

  1. No, that shirt doesn’t look good on you.

You might have found that shirt for only five dollars on the sale rack, and sure it looked great in the store’s fitting room mirror, but now? Just thank god for your sister because she’s pointing out that it’s totally see through and definitely not your color.

  1. Sharing really is caring.

I can’t count the number of times my sister let me rummage through her soon to be discarded clothes. Half my wardrobe until high school was hand-me-downs from my ever stylish sister. And if I ever needed something that my sister had, she would let me borrow it with no problem (for the most part).

  1. How to sing into your steering wheel/shower/hairbrush like a popstar.

If my sister taught me anything, it was how to be the best singer I could be, even if it was just in my car. And we always sang the best duets together. Whether it be Disney tunes, the latest Broadway hits, or even our classic Hannah Montana songs, we always were American Idol worthy (or so we thought).

  1. What it means to be a friend.

I watched my sister go through high school and college and saw all the friends that would come and go from her life, and the friends that would stay forever. Through seeing these relationships, I learned what it meant to have healthy and wonderful and long-lasting friendships.

  1. How to be a good role model to others.

Because I’m three years younger than my sister, she’s just old enough to be the perfect role model for me. She showed me how to be a good example for others, and even how to be a good example for myself.

  1. How to be healthily competitive.

Okay, so maybe we were more than a little competitive with each other. Whether it was dancing, volleyball, or board games with the family, my sister taught me how to be competitive, and still act like a lady about it.

  1. How to let go.

Sometimes, you need to let go of something that you think you love. My sister taught me that you have to let go of things you may or may not love just to keep you healthy and happy. Letting go isn’t always a bad thing.

  1. How to keep going when the going gets tough.

Even when it feels like nothing will change or get better, my sister has taught me that it will. If I’m sad or upset or feeling exceptionally anxious, she is always there to tell me that she’s been there before and she knows it will be okay.

  1. What it means to love unconditionally.

I’m the little sister so it’s my job to be annoying sometimes. Through it all though, my sister stayed by my side and loved and supported me unconditionally.

Even though Thanksgiving has already passed, I’m always and forever thankful for my big sister because of everything she’s taught me. But beyond that, I’m grateful to have such a wonderful person in my life to help me grow and become a better woman.

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