Why Amy Poehler Should Be Every Woman’s Role Model

We know her best from her impersonations of Hillary Clinton on SNL, her role as Regina George’s Chihuahua loving mom in Mean Girls, and her ambitious and energetic portrayal of Leslie Knope in Parks and Recreation. That’s right, we’re talking about Amy Poehler. She has been active in the world of comedy for almost twenty years, and the 44 year old is still dominating.

Here’s why the ambitious and HILARIOUS Amy Poehler should be your role model.

1. She wrote an AMAZING memoir, Yes, Please.

Sure, a lot of celebrities attempt to share their movie star lives with us mundane folk, but Amy is 100% honest in her writing. She’s not the kind of person to sugarcoat her difficult childhood, or to leave out that one time she took that one drug and it was TOTALLY AMAZING. She flawlessly transitions between the hilarious moments in life, like her time on SNL, to the more difficult aspects of life, like divorce. Yes, Please is filled with humor, wisdom, and love.

2. Her best friend is Tina Fey.

Best friend status equivalent to the marriage (FINALLY) of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Amy Poehler and Tina Fey are best friend goals. From co-anchoring on SNL’s “Weekend Update”, to hosting the Golden Globes, the unstoppable duo has always found ways to work together and maintain their strong-as-titanium friendship. Although it’s been several years since the two have worked together, there’s no need to fret. Their new movie “Sisters” is set to be released December 8th of this year.

3. She loves “Smart Girls”.

Founded by Amy and Meredith Walker, “Smart Girls at the Party” is an organization that celebrates individuals seeking to change the world by simply being themselves. Encouraging young females to have self-confidence, to work hard and fight for their goals, Amy proves to be the feminist we have been looking for.

4. She can make you smile even on the worst days.

Everything Amy does revolves around humor. Her first television appearance was on the improv show Upright Citizens Brigade (Comedy Central), which featured many SNL cast members. She played a feminist, strong willed, waffle loving, deputy director in her Golden Globe-winning role of Leslie Knope in the comedic television show, Parks and Recreation. She played a crazed, immature, pregnant woman alongside Tina Fey in the 2008 comedy Baby Mama. Every role Amy portrays, every interview she gives, every blooper reel she blesses the world with will have you falling to your knees in laughter. Amy Poehler is the study break we all need.

So, the next time you’re thinking of posting Kylie Jenner or Queen Bey as your #WomanCrushWednesday, just remember, Amy Poehler exists.

Featured image via “Amy Poehler” by Rubenstein / CC BY-NC 2.0


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