7 Ways To Handle Life When It Gets Too Overwhelming

Your rent is due. You have no idea how you’re going to pay it.

Your anxiety is acting up and you feel like you’re so out of control.

A friend needs support and you don’t emotionally or mentally have it in you, but damn, you try.

This is life. It doesn’t have a pause button, and the struggle is trying to find a way to slow things down. Without completely slamming on the brakes, it’s still possible to slow down enough to coast to a comfortable pace and not have to derail your life. “How?” you may ask. Well, I’m here to tell you.

1. Prioritize your life

If you’re a list maker, you’ll love this one. Prioritizing your commitments is key to feeling in control. Your priorities don’t always have to stay the same every week. In fact, they can change every day! Maybe making an appearance at the party a friend of a friend is throwing isn’t your top priority, but finishing that book you started three months ago is. That’s okay! Your priorities are yours and you don’t need to justify it to anyone.


2. Meditate

There’s plenty of videos online that can teach you how to properly meditate. Learn to do this every day or as often as you can. It’s a great way to take a breather and separate yourself from what’s going on in life. If you don’t get anything out of it, at least it’s a half hour or so that you can just push the negative shit out of your mind.

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3. Talk to a therapist

Talking to a therapist is never a bad thing. I know plenty of mentally healthy people who talk to a therapist regularly, and they feel so much better because of it. It’s nice to have someone to unload on without feeling any guilt or like you’re a burden, because, um hey, it’s their job.

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4. Yoga

Good for your body AND your mind, yoga has plenty of benefits that will help you calm the hell down. Do it alone or join a class, it’s sure to help you get into a healthy mindset. Focus on how your body moves and not what’s going on in life. Inhale good thoughts, exhale bullshit.

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5. Treat yo’ self

Take yourself shopping or out for a pedicure. Treat yourself to a massage or to a big, hefty plate of wings. Take a day off and R-E-L-A-X. Whatever makes you feel good, do it. Unwind and reset and then you’ll be ready to take on the big, heaping pile of shit that is your life.

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6. Have a girls’ night

Invite your closest gal pals over for a movie night. Eat pizza. Do your nails. Be merry. Revert to those childhood sleepovers you had in elementary school and forget about life and adulthood for a while. Don’t be afraid to lean on someone other than yourself. You’re in this together.

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7. Do whatever your outlet is

Find what makes it easiest to channel your negative energy into something productive. For me, it’s writing and margaritas. Often paired together, with seldom good results, but damn I feel great doing it. Maybe it’s running. Maybe it’s music. Channel it and give it all you’ve got.

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Don’t forget to take a break. Take care of yourself, and love yourself. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Know when you’ve had enough and know that it’s okay to take a pit stop. Life can be trying, but don’t let it knock you on your ass; it’s a lot harder to get back up than it is to keep yourself afloat.

Featured image via Joshua Rawson-Harris on Unsplash


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