Learning To Cope: 33 Simple Ways You Can Find Comfort

When dealing with mental health problems, people find comfort in a variety of things. From eating specific foods to cuddling an old teddy bear to getting a hug from a certain person, we all get through our mental health issues in different ways. Below, people who struggle with their own mental health issues share what they find comfort in when they are struggling with their mental health.

  1. Hugging a pillow, stuffed animal, or other soft object.
  2. Yoga
  3. Holding ice in my hand
  4. I live near a river, it’s nothing particularly scenic but it’s usually pretty quiet. When I feel my depression take over and I feel numb, I lace up my running shoes and jog along the river when it’s dark. It makes me feel my breathing, feel my legs sting, feel the cold air on my face. It gets all the frustration out and I can just relax.
  5. Swimming
  6. Whitewater kayaking
  7. Silence; it’s peaceful in its own overwhelming way
  8. Putting on cozy, baggy clothing
  9. Making sure my ears are covered (hands, over-ear headphones, fuzzy hat, etc)
  10. Lavender, especially my lavender filled stress ball
  11. Sleeping
  12. Tea
  13. Hugging my boyfriend
  14. Comfortable clothes
  15. When living in a dorm at school, a friend of mine struggled with mental illness as well. On days when it was really bad we would sleep in the same room so we weren’t alone (we didn’t need to do something we just needed someone there while we slept).
  16. Another thing my boyfriend has learned is sometimes when my depression hits, he needs to stop talking. I love the reassurance of him being there, but sometimes I really just need to not talk about it and get my mind onto something else. So he just pops on a funny movie, makes me some tea and sits in silence with me until I’m ready to talk again.
  17. Coloring books (this is currently my favorite stress-reducing activity)
  18. Venting with my sister
  19. Learning; I like to learn new things from random facts to whole books or basics of different languages, not in that way that school tries to force me into but just learning on my own is nice
  20. Drinking soothing (often decaf) hot tea
  21. Count to six on each inhale and each exhale (“square breathing”)
  22. My special stuffed animals
  23. Listening to music
  24. Blankets
  25. Talking to close friends or family.
  26. Avoidance
  27. At night when I am by myself and having a really hard time, I sleep in the living room or a room where people can walk by easily, having music play and the lights on as I try to go to sleep
  28. Cuddling with dogs or cats
  29. Curling up in a ball with someone rubbing my back
  30. Go play pool/billiards somewhere
  31. My friends/boyfriend
  32. Going for walks at night
  33. Crafts

If you’re someone who struggles with mental health, you can probably relate to at least one of the items on this list — whether the outcome was positive or negative, you’ve probably tried a lot of these things.

Let us know what other things you find comforting in the comments below!

Originally published on Under The Labels

Featured image via Logan Armstrong on Unsplash


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