We Got 16 Millennials To Tell Us Their Definition Of A F*ckboy

I was in two long-term serious relationships back to back. So I was surprised when I entered the dating scene to this mysterious creature called the f*ckboy. I laughed at first. Then realized these creatures are everywhere…just lurking, waiting to prey on someone too innocent to hold their own in the dating scene. Until you put your drink down at the bar, or weights down at the gym. Then they pounce. You don’t really know what hit you, you’re defenseless. But we’ve all been there. We’ve all had different experiences with f*ckboys. In the end though, they are all the same… Here are just a few definitions.

  1. “Womanizer who comes off as serious for a relationship but really just wants sex. Not a relationship. Usually super charming” – Elise
  1. “A f*ckboy is a type of stereotypical fratty guy who is just used for hooking up, not a great guy and nor someone you would keep around for long.” – Amanda
  1. “A f*ckboy is a dead-end, f*ck with your head, is a boy not a man, he will say ‘hey I’m just trying to have fun’, does want to be your only but does not want you to be HIS only( they keep their playing field open, but it dare not go the same for you), a f*ckboy only returns your calls or texts when it is convenient for him. Your time doesn’t matter, it’s only “fun”, will only want to f*ck on the first date, doesn’t give a flying f*ck except for his ego, a f*ckboy might be fun for a second…just kidding no it won’t, a f*ckboy is not worth your time.” – Elle
  1. “Someone who f*cks around. For guys that may be a disloyal, weak person, and for girls the same would apply with the addition of being”. – Luke
  1. “Somebody who you can’t hang out without the help of alcohol.” – Lauren
  1. “1) Donald trump or Scott Disik 2) A guy who has two clear sides, whether it’s he pretends to be all in a relationship around you and a complete dick when it comes to his friends. He is impacted by people’s opinions and wants to be seen as ‘the man’ and as a result his actions portray douchey moves that make him seem careless or heartless.” – Michelle
  1. “A guy who makes you do ALL the work only to bitch about things. IE makes you initiate sex only to then say he doesn’t like something you do when you’re intimate. Or you go above and beyond to show him how much you care and he responds with a heart emoji and nothing else.” – Hannah
  1. “Someone who wears white Nike tube socks and sandals. Wants nudes when all you did was say hello.” – Meghan
  1. “A guy who comes off as funny and charming, but has nothing but bad intentions to purposely lead you on. Attempts to pull off all the stops during the first few times meeting and then when he knows he has you he executes his plan to get into your pants, but wants no further commitment unless it’s to your vagina.” – Brittany
  1. “A guy who is charming and suave and has all the right moves but in the end is only doing all of it for sex.” – Miranda
  1. The boy that you love but also know every time he comes around that he is just going to use you and leave you. Just like he did the last time”. – Allie
  1. “A dude who is two-faced. or his actions and his words are always disconnected. i.e.: they tell you they love you and you mean the world to them, and then you find out they’re in a relationship with someone else lol. they are usually charismatic in nature, and have a way of making you believe the things they say, even though your instinct is telling you otherwise. Typically, f*ckboys like to make it seem like you’re the crazy, irrational one for asking for very basic things lol.” – Denise
  1. “A guy who thinks that he is the “end all, be all”. A f*ckboy is a user and feels absolutely no ways about it, basically a f*ckboy is just that, a BOY.” –Sutharsy
  1. “F*ckboy (noun): codename for a male that is cocky, arrogant, and can finesse his way into your life and ultimately into your pants, only to drop you in a hot second when things don’t go his way and move onto the next girl.” – Alessandra
  1. “Any guy named Derek, Brian, Brad or Chad.” – Emily
  1. A f*ckboy is God’s gift to women. He has an excuse for everything from getting caught cheating to why he needs to cancel his plans last minute, but at the same time will have his plans change last minute and he will have time at the end of the night for you. He’s a great guy’s guy. Keeps himself in shape to keep the innocent women swooning until they catch a drift about what he is really about. He keeps girls on a long enough string to allow them to run away a bit but with an eye shot just in case he needs a tug. He may settle down a bit from time to time, maybe even not cheat, but he’s always got his eyes on the next best thing. He’s from short relationship to short relationship.” – Chris

There you have it, 16 different definitions for a f*ckboy. But really they are all the same, from their overconfidence down to their Nike tube socks. (Check the trunk, they probably have a punk pop cd in there somewhere.) They make you feel like the only girl in the world, yet they are texting 10 different girls. These boys pride themselves on getting with so many women, yet they’ve never really been in an actual relationship. While everyone seems to have their own opinions on everything else, thank God we can all agree to one thing.

Featured image via Alex Perri on Unsplash


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