Snacks and Sweatpants: What A Real Girls’ Night Is All About

It’s Friday night and you’ve decided to get together with your friends and have a girls’ night. Everybody loves girls’ night. I know I personally go on and on about it to my guy friends, who usually just respond, “What do you girls even do at those things anyways?”

TV shows and movies have painted this picture that girls’ night in and sleepovers are these big events, full of sexy pajamas, pillow fights and lots of nail polish. Well, to every guy who has ever wondered what goes on during girls’ night, I’m here to tell you exactly what happens. And it’s probably different than what you’ve imagined.

1. There are no sexy pajamas. What we’re wearing are actually the ugliest clothes you’ve ever seen.

When we all get together, we’re not wearing lacy shorts and cute little tank tops. We are wearing ridiculously baggy sweatpants with a dirt stain around the ankles and a men’s extra large sweatshirt. And we are definitely not wearing bras, because we finally feel that we have no one to impress, and those girls need a break, too. We need to be comfortable, and if you’re around your best friends, there is no way that they will be judging your outfit choice. Chances are, they are wearing the exact same thing.

2. There aren’t any activities planned. At all.

Remember the 2004 movie Sleepover, where they did that really fun scavenger hunt around town? Yeah, nothing even close to that happens. We usually just show up with the only plans being that we’re going to laugh until we cry. What usually ends up happening is a lot of sitting around, taking the most unattractive pictures of ourselves and each other marveling over how many chins we can make. Once this gets old, we show each other hilarious YouTube videos, or make fun of that one friend who never seems to get a break.

3. The food table rivals the International Super Buffet.

We know you guys can put away unthinkable amounts of wings, pizza and beer, but you’ve got nothing on a group of girls with nothing but the evening in front of them. After all, there’s a reason we came in our over-sized sweatshirts and elastic waistbands. We need to have clothes that will expand for the food baby that is growing inside of us. My friends have a separate group message where we decide who is bringing what to eat. There are no requirements (expect for the obligatory veggie tray that is merely symbolic and never gets eaten), and nothing needs to go together. You can always find Doritos, some sort of Pinterest baked treat (that definitely did not turn out like the picture), and lots of pizza rolls. And after each girls’ night, you swear you’re going on a diet…until next time.

So boys, not as glamorous as you thought? Girls’ night is the furthest thing from the sexy pillow fights and makeovers that you see on TV. I think the reason we look forward to girls’ night is that it gives us an excuse to be ourselves and not worry about what others may think. It’s a night to wipe off our makeup, wear our fuzzy socks, and laugh with the people who make us feel the best about ourselves. While we love nights out with our perfect guy, we wouldn’t trade our not-often-enough, imperfect girls’ nights.

Featured image via screen grab from Glee


  1. Did Miley Cyrus’ song G.N.O. play in anyone else’s head the whole time they read this? I completely agree that “the reason we look forward to girls’ night is that it gives us an excuse to be ourselves and not worry about what others may think”.


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