Your Other Half: Why Every Girl Needs That One Best Friend

I have this theory that in life we are all granted one friend that brings out the worst but at the same the very best in us.

We are transparent with this person, and allow all of our vulnerabilities to be exposed.

This is the person we have done some of the stupidest things with, yet would happily do them all over again in a second.

I was lucky to meet this friend the first day of high school; let’s call her Blair.

I am now in my second year of university and my second year of sharing a room with Blair. I consider her to be an extra limb and I know she feels the exact same way about me.

At this time in my life I cannot imagine a day where I will wake up and not see her stupid face within an hour of starting my day; but hopefully, one day we will each meet our perfect man and get married and not see each other every waking minute of every day.

When that day comes, I know we will look back on our days as roommates with great nostalgia. I imagine we will be forced to resort to bi-weekly wine nights, spent gossiping and sharing stories about our husbands and our children.

My mom has this friend, too, and when they get together they attempt to solve all the mysteries and troubles of the world over a bottle of wine, which typically turns into four. When my mom and her friend are together, the rest of us can narrowly contribute a word. As no one else can relate to the depths of the world they are digging into.

I should add my mom is convinced this type of friendship is not a given. It’s rare and not all people are blessed to have this friend.

I, on the other hand, believe that this friend is out there, somewhere, for everyone. I believe everyone will be blessed with them sooner than later, because personally I would be lost without my Blair.

These friends are the ones that you could drive to their house at 2 in the morning crying in a stage of crisis feeling completely broken and leave feeling whole again.

The motto in a friendship like this is no questions asked.

We need to skip school today; I cannot show my face there,” no questions asked.

“Come with me to the pet store, I want a bunny,” no questions asked.

“Lets drink ,until we get puke tonight,” no questions asked.

I am so lucky to have found someone that can turn an absolute heartbreaking moment into a fit of laughter – I know, I didn’t think it was possible either.

Our mothers seem to think we should be focusing on getting boyfriends because our party lifestyle is no good for us.

We roll our eyes because we know boyfriend or not, our Thelma and Louise lifestyle will never change.

We have been through hell and back, as we discussed the other day we have hit rock bottom and we can only go up from here…but let’s not try to get any lower because that always seem to be an option with us.

If you take anything from this go call your Blair and even though she already knows, tell her you love her more than life itself, how you couldn’t live without her and plan for drinks soon.

Amaretto sours are a personal favorite of ours – you’re welcome.


  1. This article is spot on. I definitely have a best friend like this too. When one of says we should do something, it’s no questions asked.


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