I Took A Pole Dancing Class & Here’s What I Learned

pole dancing

As weird as it sounds, one thing I’ve always wanted to try was a pole dancing class. To me, it seemed like a unique challenge and a great workout that’s out of the ordinary. Then last week, I went to a class with a friend for her birthday and my dreams came true. 

Going in, I wasn’t sure what to expect from the $25 class. Surprisingly though, it wasn’t high intensity so I didn’t always have to move at a quick pace. Basically, we would learn a move, practice it for a bit and then move on to the next thing. Towards the end, we’d slowly combine some of the moves and walks we learned along the way. And that was about as intense as it got. 

If you’re interested in trying it too, below are answers to all your burning questions:

What exactly is pole dancing?

What’s important to note is that a pole dancing class is not a stripper class. There is no removal of clothing (unless you want to do that but that’s on you), nothing crazy and nothing overly sexual. Each class usually runs for an hour and doesn’t always consist of a full choreographed routine. 

So what do I learn?

Our instructor taught us three different spins to do on the pole (the fireman, the sundial and the backwards). She also taught us how to sexily walk around the pole, how to do a pirouette around the pole as well as a little squat spin around the pole. Additionally, there were a few floor moves we learned that were sexy and also provided a great stretch. 

Are the moves hard?

The moves in themselves were not overly difficult. At first, they feel a tad awkward but the instructors really emphasize the correct technique for your safety so that you gain more confidence with each time. Plus, they try to make it more fun for the students by creating embellished sexy poses to do when you land or do simple things like walking around the pole to give your body a rest from the moves.

Do I need a lot of upper body strength to pole dance?

No! Let me tell you, I have leg muscles for days and little to no upper body strength and I was still able to do the moves. Obviously, it’s helpful if you do, but you don’t need to be what others deem as “in shape.”

What should I wear for a pole dancing class?

As I mentioned earlier, you don’t take your clothes off! So clothes are definitely needed. We were recommended to wear either athletic pants or shorts (in the long run, shorts might have been easier so you don’t slide as much on the pole) and a sports top. And for big boobed ladies, a sports bra will also be needed. Otherwise, you go barefoot, so no high heels are required.

All in all, the class wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. It was very fun, light-hearted, and easy-going. The moves on the poles themselves were not as hard as I thought (even though I knew they’d be at least a little hard) but were still easy enough to learn as a beginner — if it was anything else, I would have died. The environment consisted of a bunch of women looking for the same experience I was — a unique workout that didn’t feel like working out but actually worked your body. It was more of a girls’ night out type of vibe. 

Sure, I was sore by the end of the class and even more in the following days. But overall, I thought it was a unique and fun way to work out and spend an hour with my girlfriends. And the price was even better for the experience! If there was a place more local that offered weekly classes (a lot of studios offer classes), I would for sure enroll for the pure fun of this type of workout.

Featured image via Jonathan Rados on Unsplash


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