The 7 Stages Of Personal Success

Everyone wants to be successful! However, it can be tough to know what steps to take in order for you to succeed. Here are the seven key steps for personal success.

1. Identification

The first stage of achieving personal success is first identifying what is wrong in your life.

The key here is not to complain about what you can’t change or make excuses as to why you are still stuck in the same situation. Rather, it’s for you to see reality for what it is, be honest with yourself, and identify what you need to change. These are important in order to move on, and create a life of prosperity and wellness.

2. Self-awareness

Know who you are from the inside out. Instead of pretending that everything is going fine, be brutally honest with yourself and understand why your life needs a major overhaul. This begins with knowing and understanding yourself. Self-awareness sheds light on the self that we were all taught to ignore, just for the sake of societal approval and instinctual survival.  The goals of becoming self-aware are to identify your genuine self, to know who you are without regards to people’s perceptions of you, and to understand how you can facilitate your own growth with the abilities you already have.

3. Self-evaluation

Self-evaluation is the process of measuring where you are. You can create a measuring system for every aspect of your life (such as health, finances, income, progress towards completing a project). When your life is not going so well, it may be tempting to ignore these things. But before you can make any changes, you need to evaluate your life and see how you really are doing. Don’t delude yourself into thinking that things will go away on their own without taking any steps forward.

4. Change

Change is most effective when it is done in small, manageable increments. If you are constantly running late or missing out on opportunities because you don’t have enough time in a day, think about what you can cut out of your schedule. Identify which demands are yours and which are imposed on you. See if you can carve out time to do what would help you get ahead and make impactful changes in your life. Making a conscious effort to change requires more than what the instinctual self is capable of. So, it is best to implement small changes at a time and stick to it, instead of vowing to change everything at once.

5. Creation

Depending on your circumstances, life path, or career move, creation can be personal, professional, or a blend of both. Creation is not only the process of producing something true to you, it is also the process of clarifying certain aspects of your life and presenting it in a way that makes sense to you. By designing a life in which you actively create your own work, you develop a great level of persistence, which enables you to refine your work and find ways to improve.

6. Connection

Without connection, all of the efforts of self-awareness, meticulous self-evaluation, and dedication to mastering one’s craft will not bring you very far.

A lot of people do not achieve the success they want, not because they are untalented, but because they are unable to share it with their intended audience. The key to making good connections is to care about your audience, to enlighten them, and to bring change to their lives.

7. Momentum

Momentum is the driving force that propels all six of these principles forward. Self-awareness and self-evaluation won’t matter if all you do is leave this knowledge in your head and don’t take any action towards change. Making changes won’t matter if you don’t even know where you want to be. Creating original and wonderful work won’t matter if you don’t keep improving yourself or intend to make your current creation better than the last. Connecting with others won’t matter if you don’t find new ways to keep them engaged and interested in what you will continue to do. Momentum is the key to sustaining growth and ensuring that success will remain a success.

Succeeding at whatever you do will definitely not be easy, but as long as you implement these seven steps and make an effort to follow through, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a better version of yourself.

Featured photo by Vitaly Nikolenko on Unsplash


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