A Single Girl’s Guide To Surviving Wedding Season

Brace yourselves, wedding season is upon us. If you talk to ladies in age range from 25-35, you’ll get mixed emotions from them on weddings. On one hand, we are so excited our friend is getting married. I mean, bridal showers, bridesmaids dresses, a possible vacation, dancing, and potentially meeting a cute guy. With the excitement comes terror of the infamous question, “Are you dating anyone?” and the immediate follow-up of “I know someone who is single”.

We know these people have good intentions, but it is pretty embarrassing when people think something is wrong with you just because you are single..like come on, why don’t you congratulate me on having a successful career or not dating a douchebag? We know this is an unrealistic expectation. So, I have put together a guide on how to be single this wedding season and own it.

1. Remember the quote,“If you know yourself, others cannot define you.” When you are getting ready for the wedding, keep telling yourself you are gorgeous, you have your shit together, and that’s more than a lot of women can say. I suggest doing this while drinking a mimosa.

2. If you are going to a wedding with friends, you have nothing to worry about. Your squad should have your back. Y’all can use this time as a great way to catch up, drink, dance, and be merry. If anyone asks you about a boy…say Girls’ night! Then quickly run away. If your friends are all wifed up, suggest a girls night!

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3. Weddings are a big deal and I think people feel the need to attend every one they are invited to… but it’s okay to say no. It’s okay to put yourself first. If you aren’t really friends with the couple anymore, don’t know anyone who is going, or it is far away. It’s polite to decline and just send a wedding gift. I’ve had to do this a couple of times because it simply wasn’t worth it.

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4. If you are in the wedding…no big deal! Most events are going to be for the bride and no guys will be there When it comes to the wedding, you’re going to be with the wedding party the majority of the day and night.

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5. There is nothing wrong with wanting a date if you would like an escort to the wedding, be bold! Ask that cute guy or a guy friend who you trust. Just make sure they will be responsible and wedding appropriate.

6. Tossing the bouquet is a tradition that has been overly generalized in our culture. Like all these desperate single women wanting to catch it find true love…B.S. I have intentionally not gone up there because I didn’t give a shit. Plus, maybe I don’t want to get married next; give it to someone who does.

7. Alcohol. Remember, this is your best friend. Most weddings (if they are doing it right) will have a plethora of it. So, the whole night, just keep going. You’ll feel great and not give shit because you’re fabulous.

Entertainment Tonight drinking amy schumer alcohol bryan cranstonEven though weddings can be fun, there is always a lot of pressure. You’re seeing people you probably haven’t seen in a while. No matter how much anyone denies it everyone is secretly sizing each other up. This comes with the territory, but don’t let this bring you down. Remember who you are and why you are awesome. So, sip your champagne and enjoy the wedding. Because your fabulous ass will only be single until some lucky bastard meets you.

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