12 Times That #PhelpsFace Is All Of Us

None of us are as great as swimmer Michael Phelps. The most decorated athlete in U.S. history, with 19 Olympic gold medals, 23 Olympic medals in total, as of last weekends men’s relay in Rio, he is nothing short of amazing. This, being his last Olympic games, has him in the zone with 100% focus on the events he’s competing in. So much focus that his game face has its own hashtag now!

1. Boomer is for sure getting gold for most patriotic baby this year.

2. As much as we want to go up on a Tuesday, we have to adult until the weekend.

3. How much more Trump can any of us handle?

4. Everyone wants to know what it’s like over there with Darth Vader.

5. The lunch break struggle is so real.

6. But then every time you’re forced to reenter it after having auto login on for too long, you’re forced to reset it.

7. And now you’ve lost the high score you were just about to make in Candy Crush.

8. The worst kind of person. Cause for an immediate click of the unfriend button.


9. Imma let you finish but Ryan Lochte had the best back stroke.

10. This is not the same thing, Mom!

11. If I wanted Diet Pepsi, I would have asked for it.

12. No. No, it is not okay.

Good to know that these celebrities and superhuman athletes really do make faces just like us. I’m so glad my terrible snaps have yet to be made into memes. Check the rest of these hilarious captions out yourself here; the list keeps growing and it keeps getting funnier too.

Featured image via “Michael Phelps” by jdlasica / CC BY 2.0


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