Why You Are Nothing Without Your Indepedence

One of the most important parts of growing up is learning to be independent. From those first few steps you take on your own as a toddler to signing your first lease on an apartment, becoming independent will always get more fine-tuned. During those crazy teenage years where we all just want to be on our own we never truly realize how dependent we are on our friends, families, and SO’s.

In the book Faking 19 by Alyson Noel the thoughts on independence can easily be summed up with a few questions:

“Do you realize how important it is to be independent? To be able to take care of yourself? To not rely on someone else for your most basic needs? And to not get so damn attached to stuff that you’d rather demean yourself than live without it?”

I hope this quote speaks to you like it has for me.

When did we become uncomfortable going to a place alone? Five years ago, I would beg my friends to get dinner with me, go to the mall with me, or even grocery shop. I was so scared of being seen alone. I can proudly say I’ve done a complete 360, and even moved to a different part of my country by myself. This move is when I truly fell in love with being independent.

Learning to get over yourself and be your own best friend can really be liberating. Have you ever been to the movie theater by yourself before? At first, it’s terrifying and you may feel like every staff member is looking at you wondering where your friends are or who you’re waiting to meet. But in reality, they admire every second they see you by yourself because even though they work there, they would never get caught going to a movie on their days off by themselves in the theater (regardless of the friends they could be visiting during their shifts). Besides,, who actually cares when they see someone alone?

Once you become independent you will feel great knowing you’re completely in control of your own life.

The truth is, at the end of the day, we can only fall back on ourselves. Think about it, you’re the star in your own life. Not your significant other, or your best friends. Start listening to your own opinions instead of the other voices around you. Once you become dependent on someone, you’re limiting yourself, your dreams, and your life. Being independent will only cause positivity in your life, because you’re trusting yourself, reaching your goals, and doing what you want.

Collaboration with Cassandra Vella

Featured image via Brooke Cagle on Unsplash


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