8 Things My Future Husband Will Need To Know Before We Tie The Knot

Well, I guess I should start by breaking the ice and say “Hi.” We don’t know each other yet (or do we?); I don’t know what you look like, and the same goes for you. You may have idiosyncrasies that you do like crack your knuckles every time you tell a story, or have the volume of the TV at an even number whenever you’re watching.

I don’t know these yet but I plan to,

and I hope you plan on getting to know the peculiar things I do as well like how I laugh at almost every single corny joke or pun there is. Or how I easily get impatient in lines. It will not be easy, nothing you ever fight for really is, but here are ten things I want you to know to make our marriage worthwhile:

1. There will be days where I will bask myself into my field of work and ignore you completely. But know that I am doing what I love most, and my job is one of the things that separates me from you. So, do not get offended and angry at me because it will get us nowhere. Just support me, and I will do the same for you. I promise you, these days will not occur often but when they do just trust they will be over soon.

2. I will not always be the one to take care of our baby at 4 AM. when he/she wails because they need a change of diaper or needs to be fed. I expect you to do it, too. Taking care of babies can be a stressful and exhausting task.

3. I don’t want to sleep with an unfinished argument. When we fight, I want us to solve it before we go to bed. Never ever let me go to bed angry.

4. I will write poetry about you and our family because I express my emotions well through writing. It’ll be soppy and cute because I have always dreamt of a man like yourself to take care and love me, and to have a family like ours. But also writing will be one of the things that will not make me lose all of myself to you; it’ll be one of the things that will be uniquely mine and not ours.

5. I will cry at the smallest things just like when I found out that giraffes can be gay or when I finished The Little Prince. I’m just emotional like that. So, when this happens just make me a cup of tea and cuddle with me.

6. There will be times where I will bother you and get all clingy around you in private and public places. It’s one of the ways I express my love for you. It’s just nice to have someone to kiss whenever you want. So, please don’t get annoyed with me.

7. When we have financial problems, do not try to solve it all on your own, we’ll share the problem because that’s what marriage is all about. But let us not let it be the reason for our fights and arguments. Money is the worst thing we can fight about.

8. No matter what happens, I will never ever give up easily. I am a fighter, and fighters look for every possible way to get through a battle. When you think life has exhausted me with consecutive problems it throws our way, I will look at the silver lining of each one of them. I’m an optimist and a fighter. Remember that.

To my future husband, I don’t care about your past or your old habits, the number of people you’ve slept with, what you did in college, or who you were before me.

None of that matters because I love you.

I have looked passed through your flaws and accepted each one of them because you are so much more than that. But just remember these eight things on days where I am annoying you most or when it’s just getting a bit more difficult.

Featured image via Jonathan Borba on Pexels


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