If You Notice These 8 Things In Your Relationship, You’re In Love

When you’ve finally met the right person, every minute together feels like an adventure, every second apart feels like some part of you went missing.

Meeting the right person is when you choose to overlook the boundaries, distance, race, social status, family background. It’s when you say: “F*ck this shit, I’m choosing love.”
When you’ve finally met the right person, you will see yourself clearly through his eyes. He will realize the smallest thing about you, he knows the best and worst version of you. When you are a little off from the track, he will bring you back to where you belong.

It comes when you least expect it

It comes when you were busy hustling at work, or when you were choosing between linguine and angel hair in the grocery shop. It comes when you were rushing to work and you ran into someone with the coffee on your hand. It could be a really bad day and God sends someone to fix it up. Or it could be a good day and He sends someone to add some sprinkles to your ice cream…hmmm…delicious. It comes when you were busy doing your own thing, concentrating on yourself. Because the one who focuses on bettering themselves is the most attractive person. However it happens, it’s never what or when you were expecting it.

The right person will turn around laughing and say “You’re an idiot”

Let’s just be realistic that no one can be flawless, meeting the right person is when he sees the weakness in you and fills it up with his strength. The right person will look straight into your imperfections, and kinda like them. Both of you understand that to love is to compromise willingly. You might be a little clumsy, forgetful, and sometimes a little slow in reacting. He will always have the spell in finding your keys when you thought you lost them. Being in a relationship is like being each other’s magician, never stop surprising each other. Instead of getting mad at your mistakes, he will turn around laughing and say: You’re an idiot.

He has faith in you even at the times when you have no faith in yourself

On the day you just stop loving yourself because you are exhausted, he will still love you because he knows the breakdown is just temporary. He believes that the skies will clear up soon and you will get better someday. He put complete trust on you even at times that you don’t trust yourself.When you were in doubt, he shows no doubt to your decision.As you see yourself as two sides, an angel and a demon; he sees you as a sphere, he sees you as his complete other half.

He will walk next to you

My mom once told me: If he walks ahead of you and leaves you behind, you have to think twice before saying “I do.” A man who left you out in the simplest motion might leave you out in his life too. A man who cares will include you in his life at all cost. He cares about your well being, your health, your emotions, and even your period cycles. He sensed it when things are not right and adjust his footsteps because he doesn’t want you to be left out in his life.

You can have a deep late night conversation with him

With the right person, you feel comfortable to engage a deep conversation with him. He will not show withdrawal or avoidance to your honesty, instead, he will understand and accept it with open arms. You can be ranting about your work and he will laugh about it with you because he understands your frustrations. You can be complete emotionally naked to him because you have nothing to conceal in front of the right person. He might not be the Yoda, giving you the best advice; but he will hug you like Chewbacca to fill your sadness with love. He might not be good with words, yet he will show his warmth and care in other ways that might take you a while to realize.

He is your partner in crime

The right person talks to you like your best friend from another life. The feeling was like the familiar taste of childhood when you ate gummy bears, the familiar smell of tender when you caress a baby. The weird sense of humor, the inside jokes, the late night phone calls that made both of you laugh in your sleep even though you had a really bad day. Dating the right person is when it brought out the fun, witty and adventurous side of yours. As time passed, we are greatly shaped by societal expectations and changes across different phases of life. But being with the right person made you return to your comfortable true self, you felt like a child again, when freedom was a given and burdens were lesser.

You can share silence with him

Silence feels comfortable when you are with the right person, you feel completely secure and calm to share the moments of silence with him.Without saying a word, he can read your mind like a book. Intuitions were created in the silence as if it built a bridge between both of you that connect the minds together.It keeps you at ease even when you’re enduring the storm, keeps you accompanied even when he is not around. You will never feel alone or abandoned because silence drew both of you closer than ever before. You can be 1497597 miles away from him, but without saying a word you both might coincidentally take the same photo of dusk from different sides of the world.

When you met that person, you’ll know it

From every married couple that I’ve talked to, they told me that when you met that person, you’ll know it. It was so abstract and ungraspable. It feels like summer unwinding the taste of spring. The feeling was a warm breeze that wraps you up with happiness, enlighten every inch of your body, it feels like the arrival of cherry blossoms, the cold and refreshing taste when you meet them. It feels like home. It doesn’t give you butterflies in your stomach, or contemplation whether or not to reply his text. Because the right person will not give you the contemplation, hesitation or guessing games. The right person gives you no reason to choose otherwise.

The right person will constantly choose you as his right one from the very start. You will witness it with your bright eyes and sense it with your beating heart. If you have yet to meet your right one, keep your head up, it’s just a matter of time. Always believe that the generous universe placed certain people, places, and situations in your life for you to develop what you ask for.

Featured image via Frankie Cordoba on Unsplash


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