You Will Never Be Out Of Style With These Taylor Swift Inspired Looks

My love for Taylor Swift and her fashion dates back to 2006 when I first saw her music video for Teardrops On My Guitar. I instantly fell in love with her flowy ombré blue/green dress. It was the beginning of an era. Since then, the singer has become known for making the best dressed list with her Disney Princess inspired red carpet outfits and magazine worthy street style. The girl can pull off anything from a head to toe sequined jumpsuit to floral swing dresses. So how can you channel your inner Swifty?

Matching crop top/skirt/shorts combo: Taylor Swift without matching sets would be like Spongebob without Patrick. No fun. Matching sets are lifesavers when you want to look put together but only have five minutes before you have to be out the door.

Taylor Swift

Little Collared Dress: Ditch that LBD laying in the back of your closet. You know, that you haven’t worn since the office Christmas party. A collar adds the perfect flare of girlyness to a solid colored dress.


Bringing back the vintage: Nothing makes you feel like you stepped off the set of an old hollywood movie like a good vintage dress. Taylor is definitely one celeb that would fit right into the 50’s.

stylish bike riding taylor swift:

Taylor Swift

Headbands Galore: Use them to spice up your outfit or tame a bad hair day.

Knee high socks: The perfect alternative to tights in the Spring/Fall.

From her humble country beginnings to pop super stardom, Taylor Swift told as many stories through her outfits over the years as she did through her songs. Her chic dresses and signature red lip gives us major old hollywood vibes. She certainly looks as if she stepped off the sets of ‘I Love Lucy’ and we have quite the fashion envy. From her cowboy boots to floral crop sets, Taylor has shown us how to rock many trends over the years. Say what you may about her personal life, but you have to admit, she’s got style.

Featured image via taylorswift


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