What Your Favorite Disney Princess Says About You

Think back to when you were six. Remember who your favorite Disney princess was? Well, I am a firm believer that your favorite Disney Princess says a lot about who you are as a person. Each Disney princess is a glimpse into our childhood, when life was simpler and we knew exactly what we wanted. The days of who we were before the WORLD told us who we should be. Well, I have made a list of the Disney Princesses and what they could potentially say about your personality.

Snow White
You are old-fashioned. You’re the type that wants to be a stay at home mom and have lots of babies! You’re probably looking for a guy who makes a lot of money, so you don’t have to worry about it. While everyone was out partying in college you were more concerned about how to become a MRS. You’re dreaming of the day when your Prince will come.

disney disney happy excited applause

Sleeping Beauty
You’ve lived a pretty sheltered life, leaving you a little naïve to the way of the world. But you are very charismatic and everyone you meet instantly loves you! You have an infectious smile and tend to see the good in everyone. You might be a little too trusting sometimes, though. You’re definitely the type that believes that a guy should take care of you, and are looking for that respectful gentleman.

cartoons & comics disney sleeping beauty

You’re a hard worker down to the core. You are probably the one that volunteers for EVERYTHING. When anyone asks you to do something, you do it and usually don’t complain. Everyone sees how much of a sweet person you are. Friends need to drag you out of the house every once and awhile because you’re fine with just staying in with your favorite wine and Netflix. Sometimes life gets so crazy you wish a guy could just come save you from it all.

disney disney life work reality

You’re a daring and adventurous person. You probably have the word “wanderlust” in your Instagram bio. You know what you want, you go for it, and you usually get it. Things in life don’t always come easy for you, but you work to get them.

disney princess ariel flirting nervous

You are one determined individual. You have pride in where you are from and always stand up for what you believe in. You are a romantic, but you don’t let a lot of people see that side of you. You’ve had some serious relationships, but in the end you always choose yourself and your needs over theirs. Don’t worry, one day you’ll meet your John Ralf.

You are a classic bookworm. Forget the clubs you’d rather be reading a great new novel! You hate that your generation is all about hookups instead of actual relationships. You’re not easily impressed by the douche bag at the bar.

reaction annoyed beauty and the beast belle huh

You are not easily impressed. Guys love how much of a challenge you are, but you don’t usually give them the time of day. People probably think you are a bitch, but you like to think of it as you don’t take BS from anyone. You’re the gorgeous girl who every guy would love to get to know, but unless he can break down those walls he doesn’t stand a chance.

movie disney vintage aladdin jasmine

You are a risk taker. Like Mulan, you like to think outside of the box to figure out a solution to the problem. You have had your fair share of hardships in life, but that doesn’t stop you from pursuing your dreams. You love your family very much and have a tendency to put their needs in front of you own. Basically you are fearless and are the Beyoncé to your squad.

disney mulan bow hbic bow down

Whether you have dreams of a white picket fence and 1.8 children, or you are a career woman, there is always that one Disney princess that speaks to your soul. In a way, they are our spirit princesses. Disney princesses are strong women and they don’t need to apologize for their beliefs because they know who they are, and this is why we all aspire to be a Disney princess.

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