Taylor Swift Shakes Off Her Breakup With A New Man

Looks like Taylor Swift has already forgotten about Calvin Harris. With May’s break up behind her, she has taken her quest for summer love up with Tom Hiddleston.

As the latest guest to be seen at her legendary Rhode Island beach house, Hiddleston already looks to be quite at home there. The tall Englishman was spotted strolling the rocky shore with the owner herself. Not only did they stroll, but they held hands, cuddled, and even kissed! As the sea breeze got the best of Tay Tay, being the gentleman that Tom is, he gave her his jacket.


But a little over a month before any of these public displays of affection took place, the two didn’t even know each other. They met at the Met, talk about a meet cute, during the annual Met Gala. They danced the night away and in a later interview with MTV, Hiddleston was quoted saying “she [is] very charming.. she is amazing” and “very cool, yeah” in his adorable accent.

Don’t count on a heartbreak song or subtweet from ex Calvin Harris because apparently, the break up really was mutual! People reports that a source close to the DJ exclusively told them that “Adam is aware. He always just wanted the best for Taylor. He just wants her to be happy.”

Goodbye Harris and hello Hiddleston! Taylor has a thing for guys with accents and loves to make them swoon with summers on the beach. Can’t wait to hear what song will come from this romance.

Featured Image Via Taylor Swift


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