4 Ways You Should Celebrate National Read A Book Day

The United States celebrates National Read a Book Day annually on September 6th. National Read a Book Day started because of some crucial inventions that happened on or around this day. For instance, the creation of paper, the introduction of e-books in local libraries, and the first release of the Harry Potter book series. Overall, this holiday encourages people to grab a book and read it. After all, reading is one of the best ways to gain knowledge. So save some time to read and celebrate this holiday in one of these fun ways. 

1. Read a book

Yes, that’s the point of National Read a Book Day. But you can make it even more fun by grabbing all your favorite books and reading them in one day. You could also challenge yourself by researching “the best 100 books to read before you die.” Many lists will come up, so you can choose any of them as they’re all filled with wonderful books. Check and see how many of them you’ve read and maybe write a review about one of them. This search can also give you plenty of ideas for new books to read next. 

2. Visit your library

Another great idea to celebrate National Read a Book Day is to visit your local library. You can do so much at your local library. For instance, you can volunteer, join community meetings, organize children’s activities, and attend writers’ workshops You can also donate your unwanted books to your library. Donated books are used to fill in empty shelves and add new titles to the inventory. 

Every month, libraries introduce new titles in every genre that you can borrow. So, feel free to borrow a book and read it comfortably at your library. Nowadays, libraries also offer apps like Hoopla, Overdrive, and Freading, which allow you to borrow all types of e-books, download music, watch movies, and listen to podcasts. 

3. Get a library card

Speaking of libraries, if you don’t have a library card, now you have a reason to get one! Many libraries allow users to sign up for a card on their website. All you need to do is input your personal information and upload a photo of your personal I.D. You will receive the physical card in the mail as well as in an electronic form through your e-mail. That way, you can start using your card right away. Another way to get the card is to simply visit your library and apply right there on the spot.

4. Share your readings

On this holiday, share your pictures of the books you are reading with the following hashtags: #NationalReadABookDay or #ReadABookDay on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Plus, you can join a group on Facebook and connect with other bookworms. Readers have even shared their favorite books in other languages by using the hashtag #FavoriteNon-EnglishBooks. 

National Read a Book Day is meant to be fun! So enjoy it by doing these activities. What are your plans for this holiday? Let us know in the comments below.

Featured image via Anita Jankovic on Unsplash



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