3 Simple Reasons Ladies Prefer Guys With Beards

Every woman wants their man to look strong and manly. Why? Because we want our guy to sweep us off our feet and be strong enough to do it. What better way to flaunt that smoldering masculinity than with some sexy facial hair?

Let’s look at some reasons as to why facial hair is just better than a clean-shaved face, shall we?

1. Scruff: A man with scruff looks way more masculine and tough and also makes a younger guy look older.

Clean Shaved: A man who is 30 years old can drop 5 years on his look just with a clean-shaved face.


2. Scruff: It is a great style, especially for the trending hipster look of the man bun. It can be artistically tampered with as it can be shaved into any trim.


Clean Shaved: It is a more suave look but there is really nothing that sets this look apart from others. Unless you look like James Bond then okay but not much going on with this look.
shave-home-alone-gif3. Scruff: It is a lot work to upkeep facial hair but it’s also a year round look. It a good face scarf for the winter and can double as a handy bib.
8dKWKwe-1Clean Shaved: It takes a while for some guys to even grow facial hair and so all year round they have to wear a baby’s butt on their face but it is soft!
tumblr_n7cdj4ZG541s8hnhko1_500Ladies and men if you didn’t get anything out this article, then the one thing that I would like to d reiterate is that the facial hair, kept in fabulous condition, is always sexy. If you think about it, most of the hottest celebrities have facial hair, George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Hugh Jackman and many more. Once you properly grow your beard, you will need to take care of it with some good beard care products which will help you upgrade your beard game to a whole new level. Keep the facial hair or try growin’ some cuz the ladies love it!

Featured image via Burst on Pexels



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