4 Major Signs That You’re Becoming A Mature Adult

Have you asked yourself what your purpose is in life? You might wonder if you’re going to be successful in life or live your life to the fullest. There are five stages of life or what we call the life cycle. These are: infancy, childhood, adolescence, middle, and old age. Now if you’re somewhere in the middle of youth and middle age, that’s where adulting starts.

In the past few years, “adulting” has become a way of describing life when growing up and learning to be independent is thrown in the mix. When you say adulting, you’re currently understanding the way of life. Your everyday responsibilities will take over you, and you become more independent of the way you’re living your life.

For some people, the feeling of adulting quickly takes full effect. Some say you can just feel that you’re already growing up. However, some of us need more time to become an adult.  Here are 4 signs that would identify you’re in the same stage.

You Agree With Your Parents More

Eventually, you’ll realize that your parents are right all along. You spent your life with the thought that your parents were wrong and that you are right. As kids, all you want to do is to play.

You don’t even want to sleep during nap time. And as teenagers, all you want to do is to hang out with your friends doing late night parties. However, when adulting hits you hard, you’ll suddenly realize that your parents were right and that they know everything.

When you’re at this stage , you’ll tend to agree with your parents more.

You Plan and Make Lists

If you ever had an experience where you’ve been cast out during planning and making decisions, then this would be exciting for you. The beauty of adulting is that you’ll be the only one to control your time, pace, and even what you want to do. In short, you’ll have the freedom for everything.

You can make plans without having anyone go against your decisions. Along with your ideas, you also create a list of everything from your groceries to the things you need to do within the day or the month. It’s a useful and helpful way of being responsible.

You Supply Your Money

One of the  ways to know that your beginning to adultis when you have a steady job, and/or when you have a regular job. It’s a common realization for most adults that are engaging in the real world. It’s the time where you pay your bills using your money or in any way to support yourself. Money is a big factor especially if you’re already living independently.

You Save Money

When you’re becoming an adult, saving is a goal. You always think about your future. What if the time comes that you’ll be having a family? In that way, you’re ready to face life with a family in mind. It’s not just saving  for your potential family. You’re also saving for your daily needs, supplies, or you might even want to start saving for your dream house!

There are a lot of things you can do when you’re saving money and you will figure out what best is for you. It’s a big factor to have a comfortable and financially-stable life.


Adulting is not as easy as it looks. You’ll have struggles, and sometimes you’ll feel like you want to give up. But the real beauty of adulting is that you’ll get see what the real world has to offer you. In this way, you can live your life the way you’ve always wanted to.

However, don’t forget that you’re not the only one in this world. Some people are willing to help you in time of struggle. You have your family, friends, and of course yourself. In this life, there are what you call professionals such as home builders Melbourne for your home, doctors for your health, bank tellers for your money, etc.

Always keep in mind that you can’t always live independently. But you can live happily, so start shaping your future now and be responsible for every little thing.

Photo by Amy Ferris on Unsplash


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