7 Pizzas That Will Make You Completely Forget About Men

Boys will come and go, but pizza is forever…or something like that. I think we can all agree that cheesy crust > men, any day. Whenever you stop to think “Why am I still single?”, stop yourself and order a large pie from the nearest pizza store because I think Jennifer Lawrence put it best when she said:

j law

1. This heart-shaped pizza is everything I want in my life and more (and already more romantic than most men).

2. I don’t know what kind of pizza you are, but I want you inside me.

3. Mini pizzas?! Have you seen anything cuter?

tumblr_npibptd2yU1thrygro1_1280 (1)

4. This Hawaiian Barbecue Chicken pizza. I could just eat you up, pineapples and all.


5. CHEEEESE. I love the way you slide down my throat.

6. Pizza-ception: for when one pizza just isn’t enough (and let’s be honest, the more, the merrier, am I right?).

7. This stuffed crust pizza, because I’m a firm supporter of adding in excessive amounts of cheese wherever possible.

If these pictures aren’t enough, here’s a definitive list detailing the reasons why pizza is far superior to men:

  1. Pizza never cancels a date.
  2. Or blows you off.
  3. Or makes asshole comments about your high-waisted shorts or love for The Bachelorette.
  4. Pizza, in fact, will happily sit through The Bachelorette with you.
  5. It always satisfies.
  6. And will come over whenever you call, no hesitation.
  7. All shapes, sizes, and toppings are equally amazing.
  8. Pizza won’t reject you.
  9. Or leave you.
  10. Or betray you.

Essentially, pizza can do no wrong. If you’re not thoroughly convinced of the raw attractiveness of pizza after these images, all hope is lost for you. And, if you find yourself fantasizing about pizza more than men, you’re not alone. Remember: nothing feels as good as pizza tastes!  


 Featured Image via Unsplash


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