5 Signs That Your Relationship Isn’t ‘Too Good To Be True’


For a lot of us, mediocre relationships are nothing new. We know what it’s like to be with a partner who disrespects us and mistreats us. Being in a bad relationship can really demotivate us, make us all too ready to shut ourselves off, and put up walls to prevent any future harm. Closing ourselves off to love is a defense mechanism that makes sense. We don’t want other people to make fools of us, so we keep our heart close to our chest. But in addition to protecting us from bad experiences, protecting our hearts also shuts us off from good ones. 

Are you in a new relationship and feel like it’s simply too good to be true? Do your feelings of being in love scare you? Here are five signs that your relationship really is the real deal: 

1. You can tell your partner anything.

You feel like your significant other understands your very soul. Regardless of what you talk about, they always listen and understand you. You never fear that you’ll say the wrong thing and push your partner away. 

If you and your partner can always speak freely and that honesty connects you, then your significant other cherishes you. 

2. Your partner is often openly affectionate towards you.

A good partner will openly show their affection, and they’ll appreciate your own acts of love. They might shower you with compliments or small gifts to show you that they love you more and more each day. People who shy away from open affection are usually not very interested in you, so if your partner is affectionate, you found a keeper.

3. You enjoy doing nothing at all with your significant other.

If your relationship is real, then y don’t always have to have fancy dinners or take romantic trips to exotic destinations. You and your partner will even love those small, quiet moments when you both lounge on the couch, watch TV, and cuddle. 

This is where the true test of love lies. Can you sit next to this person in silence as you do nothing at all and still love them? If the idea of doing nothing sounds fun to both of you then you’ve found someone who’s worth your time.

4. You still have time for yourself. 

While you want to spend time with your partner when you fall in love, a partner who freely gives you time and space when you need it shows that they truly love you. Any good relationship requires you to work on yourself as much as the partnership, and you should find a person who recognizes the importance of alone time.

Spending time on your own dreams, hobbies, and interests is crucial in a relationship. If you feel like you lose your sense of self when you’re with someone or if you constantly change to accommodate them, then you aren’t in a lasting, healthy relationship. 

5. Your partner shows small, everyday signs of affection.

Whether you and your partner go out to dinner every Friday or they always bring your flowers when you’re down, a good partner will show how much they love you on a regular basis. Sweet gestures that happen organically are a hallmark of good and healthy relationships

After all, love isn’t really about grand gestures; it’s in tiny, seemingly irrelevant things. It’s in how your partner kisses your cheek before they leave for work or how you look at them when they laugh. 

You deserve to feel like your partner makes you happy and cherishes the relationship that you share. For that to happen, though, you need to open up your heart and recognize when your relationship is going well. If your partner constantly shows how much they care for you and you feel good around them, then allow yourself to fall further in love. In the end, their love will be worth your time. 

Featured Photo by Jose Escobar on Unsplash.


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