10 Pictures That Prove Just How Sexy Jordan Rodgers Really Is

Two words: Jordan Rodgers. For those of you who don’t religiously watch The Bachelorette, Jordan Rodgers is my absolute favorite contestant so far this season. The minute I saw him walk out of the limo and give JoJo a hug, I fell in love. Not only is he a former pro-quarterback and the younger brother to Aaron Rodgers (yes, you read that right), but he is also one of the hottest, sexiest guys on the show by far. He has the charm, the smile, the looks, and we all know we wish we were JoJo each time she gets some one on one time with him.

So, here are 10 photos of Jordan Rodgers that will make us remind us just how sexy he is.


All I can say is “OMFG”. Those abs, that cute little smile; ugh, plz be mine.


Little mid-day flight around Northern California thanks to @wchristensen3 #callmegoose

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Jordan makes flying look so damn good.


No words.


You are perfection.



Hello sexy. 😉


Christmas morning calls for onesies, Merry Christmas ya filthy animals!

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Only Jordan can pull off a pink onesie and still look HOT AF.


It may not be “No Shave November” anymore, but let’s just take a moment to admire his beautiful face.


Can I be the shark?


Doesn't look that cold outside….

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REALLY digging the “no shirt with my overalls” look.


Not a bad day for a rooftop pool. What up Central Park? #wayyyuppp

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Straight fire.

Let me just say that you, Jordan, are so, so damn fine. These pictures truly capture just how sexy he really is. Seeing him on The Bachelorette gives me life and also butterflies in my stomach, kind of like seeing my middle school crush. I only hope (and pray) that he will stay on until the last episode and that JoJo ultimately picks him.

Featured Image Via screengrab from The Bachelorette


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