Why Men Aren’t The Only Ones Shaving Their Faces

First off, yes, you read the title of this article right.

Recently a friend of mine told me that she shaves her face after I asked her how her makeup always looked so flawless and I was shocked. I consider myself pretty “in the know,” so how in the eff did I not know about this?

Immediately a million questions poured into my brain… What is this madness? How did she not have a beard? Where is all the black stubble that my dad has between shaves? Instantly the image of my friend in front of the mirror with a can of my dad’s go-to shaving cream in her hand-made me crack up, but of course, that’s not how it’s actually done.

Naturally, I’ve been transfixed on the idea since that day. I couldn’t figure out how it could possibly work, but I was obsessed with the idea of it. Like most people, I have peach fuzz on my face that I would love to get rid of, so the idea that it was a possibility made me obsessed. So I did a bit of digging on the topic and here’s what I learned.

You use a different kind of razor than the one you use to shave your legs and other areas.

Some of the most popular ones I found online can be purchased online or in a beauty shop. The razor is so different from your everyday razor. It’s shaped to fit your face better and it’s not as sharp, after all you’re getting rid of peach fuzz not chopping through the amazon. I also learned that there are many different ways to do it, some girls seem to prefer doing it when your face is dry; others actually use some sort of shaving cream.

But one thing in common between all the reports online…girls who have done it rave about the benefits.

It acts as a natural exfoliator, which makes sense because you’re basically taking off a layer of dead skin. It’s also rumored to help makeup sit better and look better. An obvious benefit is that it gets rid of that pesky peach fuzz that most girls have, myself included.

I also learned that it has an actual, clinical name, dermaplaning, which is technically a service offered to exfoliate.

My number one concern, how does it not grow back darker and thicker? I scoured the internet looking for answers and every single article I read, either by makeup and beauty experts or other writers with the same question I had, insist that it doesn’t grow back thicker or darker. In fact, most reviewers who actually shaved reported that their faces were softer and smoother, their makeup looked better and their skin felt healthier.

So then, confused, I pondered why I hadn’t heard about this phenomenon before. It hit me that it’s probably because of the taboo surrounding girls and facial hair. Ladies, we all experience the peach fuzz on our faces and some girls already do treatments for hair on their upper-lips or chin. I already get my eyebrows done, is it really that big of a deal to get rid of the hair on the rest of my face, if it has long-lasting benefits?

So I’m writing this loud and proud for the Internet to hear. I’m ordering my very own razor and I’m going to try it out. I’m not one to pass up exfoliated skin and better-looking makeup, and hey, if Marilyn Monroe did it, it can’t be too bad right?

Of course I do want to stress that you should only try this out if you’re comfortable with it. I’m not an expert and have only conveyed in this article what I have personally read online from other sources.

If this is something you want to try, look into it. Be safe though, and follow the professional instructions from experts. Other than that, shave away!

For more information: Pop Sugar Cosmo

Featured image via Supply on Unsplash


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