5 Types Of Girl Friends You Could Never Live Without

While growing up, I had one best friend. We did everything together. Sleepovers, family vacations, grabbing dinner at our local Mexican restaurant (even though we weren’t old enough to drive and our parents had to drop us off). Whether you grew up with a group of friends, or always had that one buddy you could count on for everything – you slowly realize that those select people cannot fill all your social needs, nor should you ask that of them! In your adult years especially, you’re bombarded with different personalities and potential friendships. Our circles grow, and hopefully improve. With this growth comes a stark difference in personalities and irreplaceable roles that each gal pal fulfills in your life.

The Intellect with the Iron Liver

You can find this friend in a constant state of panic over her academic or career achievement, not that she ever has anything to worry about. This friend is usually going to med school, stands as student body president, or is a rising star in her designated field of choice. Not only that, but you can find her excelling beyond her classmates and peers in these areas. She’s always available for school or work related questions, and the only thing that works better than her brain is her liver. Watching her let loose on the rare weekends she doesn’t have to study is a favorite pastime of yours.

The Vodka Vixen with surprisingly viable advice

This friend is fun. Not only fun, but some of your favorite memories involve her in it. When she’s around there isn’t an elevated surface not graced with her presence. She’s the first to encourage you to get piss drunk on a weeknight, and also the one who instigates shot after unnecessary shot on the weekends. Her life is in a constant state of chaos and she’s learned a lot from her mistakes, ensuring she’s wise beyond her years. This makes her your go-to for whenever you need advice on the terrible decisions you’ve made.

friends drinking drunk alcohol friends tv

The Fancy Firecracker

When it comes to style and attitude, this friend has it all. Her closet is an arsenal of vogue-worthy pieces, and she’s the first to jump to your defense when someone has done you wrong. Granted, she tends to fly off the handle over protecting her friends. She’s notorious for getting kicked out of parties for trying to physically fight the boy who hurt her BFF, but she looks fabulous doing it and that’s why we love her.

kill murder sex and the city satc samantha jonesThe Mom with Moscato

This gal sparkles just like her wine. Between her pearls and her carefully organized day planner, it’s safe to say she’s been in a steady state of middle-aged since she turned 18. Everything is monogrammed, and teasing her side bangs to ensure they are as high as her standards is a favorite pastime. She’s classy, sophisticated, knows what she wants, and is likely already engaged to be married, if not close. Her minivan will one day be her chariot. Meet her for brunch at a vineyard or for happy hour after work – she will be sure to organize it with flawless execution.

new girl jessica dayYour Go-To Gal

You don’t know how this friend does it all. She seems to have her life together at all times, and not only that, but she is a genuinely sincere and nice person. She’s the first to text you after a job interview and you know you can count on her for a jumpstart to your car if your battery dies. Between being the seemingly perfect friend, she’s also a great shoulder to lean on when things get hard, and a ton of fun on the weekends. As far as one size fits all, she’s about as close as it comes, and she’s the first one you text for a pick me up after a particularly Monday-ish Monday.

maya rudolphHaving friends is one of the few things that make life bearable. One of the more precious times in life is when you realize each individual friend fulfills a pivotal role in your life – making your group an unstoppable force of nature that will hopefully remain strong well into the real world.

Featured image via Adam Winger on Unsplash



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