7 Things You Think Are Sexy That Actually Aren’t

Have you ever watched those spoof movies like, Date Night or Zoolander? They present these “sexy” scenes that are supposed to be funny, but when you think about it, you wonder if you ever look like that? Well, trust me, there are a few things that most people do that may look and seem attractive, but sadly they are not. Here are a few examples of not so sexy things you may do:

1. You try to act like a Bad A$$ Betch:


Girl. This is only sexy for four whole seconds. At first, you seem to be a girl who can hold her own and you have so much confidence. However, as the days go by, you seem more like a bitch and no one really likes you.

2. Saying Really Weird Things Before Getting Steamy:


Some girls think that baby talk is sexy, but it’s not. Do you think babies…are sexy? If you do, you need to seek medical attention. Babies are cute, NOT sexy.

3. Wearing Complicated Lingerie:

tumblr_nwbx4kHqmy1uh1e5po1_500This always stumps me. Yes, I’ll admit that the VS angels make those strappy as hell intimates look hot AF. But, when you buy it here’s what you have to think about, 1) If it’s hard to put on, it’s going to be freaking hard to get off and that becomes 2) a buzz kill. Keep it simple.

4. Out Drinking Your Own Limits:

6357597627902930511775662307_52ZNsGWSome men may think that a girl who can hold her own in a round of shots is sexy. LISTEN TO ME. I know for a fact that no one, man or woman, finds throw up and a stumbling drunk person attractive.

5. Being Too Competitive:


For all y’all sporty gals out there, I completely understand the frustration when watching your favorite sports team screw up a play. Butttt, when you get too competitive with your crush, that will cause them to feel dominated by you and that’s scary. Just put the claws away for a little.

6. Being a Know it All:


There is absolutely nothing wrong with being smart and knowing you’re smart, but there is a time and there is a place. When you know the other person is wrong, just agree to disagree. There is really no reason to start a debate of whether the grass is green or not.

7. Dirty Dancing:

tumblr_inline_musf7k2ATS1s1ia6sNot the movie you silly readers. No, I’m talking about twerking and out-of-place grinding. Like what are you doing? Quit that.


There you have it, people. Sexy isn’t as easy as it may seem. However, the sexiest you there can be, is the real, true you. It may seem cheesy but would you rather look like a total cheese ball? Never try to act another way to get someone’s attention. Just be yourself, because I’ve found that the harder you try, the more you embarrass yourself.

Featured image via Kamaji Ogino on Pexels


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