5 Reasons Settling For Less Will Be Your Biggest Regret

Your early years of independence are all about pushing the envelope, testing the limits, and fraying the lines of your boundaries. Above all, you’re experimenting with your new-found autonomy. While all this freedom is exhilarating, at times it can be overwhelming and downright intimidating. It can be easy to blur the lines between “second best” and “good enough”, and to become satisfied with playing it safe.

Your Happiness Depends On It
Your satisfaction with the your life literally depends on you not being a little b*tch. Yes, I said it. I understand that certain circumstances prevent you from moving forward with your life. Above all, you shouldn’t make big decisions while other areas of your life are in turmoil. It’s nearly impossible to make a career change if you’re losing sleep wrestling with the shards of a broken heart. And it’s highly unlikely that you will accumulate more savings while you’re in-between jobs. However, once you’ve taken time to solve these problems, there are zero reasons for you to continue putting off your next big life move.

It Should Be “Hell Yes!”
If you’re faced with a decision and you don’t feel 100% about answering “yes”, then the answer should be “no.” There are obvious exceptions, like decisions that impact your general health and wellbeing. However, fear is a sneaky thing. It will trick you to believe lukewarm decisions will be enough to satisfy you. Any decision about your future that doesn’t make you excited isn’t the decision for you.

If Not Now, Later
You may be hanging on to that job, that one-sided friendship, or that terrible relationship because you fear it won’t get any better. As soon as you let go of what isn’t meant for you, in due time, all the correct pieces will fall into place. Everyone that says, “everything will be alright” aren’t just blowing smoke – the majority of the time, everything does work out.

Chances are, if you woke up 5 years from now and your life was absolutely the same, you would be disappointed. I mean really,wouldn’t that absolutely suck? That being said, accept change as it comes, don’t try to deny it. It could very well be the best thing to happen to you.

There Is Someone Right For The Job, Relationship, Or Commitment
Every time you commit to something that you know deep down, will not satisfy your needs, you are not only hurting yourself, but others. Every time you stay in the boring relationship or that dead-end job, you are robbing someone else of an opportunity they’ve possibly been dreaming of their entire lives. Pay it forward by not playing it safe.

College is only 4 short years, you will take as many good chances as you do bad ones. But nothing great will ever happen from remaining stagnant in your decisions. Be fearless in your journey – don’t get stuck in your rut. Knowing when to let go of what isn’t meant for you begins by taking one positive step in the right direction and then not looking back. Above all – you cannot make your dreams come true by making safe, calculated decisions.

Featured image via Bruna Vidal on Pexels


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